OPI Horoscopes: Scorpio Season

OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Scorpio
  • OPI, Blog, Horoscopes, Scorpio

    Happy Scorpio Season everyone! We start to move into the cozy vibe of Fall as well as the mysterious energies that define Halloween! With the Sun in Scorpio we all get a little deeper and more in tune with our sultry side. Scorpio defines magnetism and mystery, there is often an undefinable vibe that defines this time of year as well as Scorpio people themselves! Desire, learning, exploration and depth are all defining words of the season of Scorpio and we are welcome to dive into the mystery ourselves this month. Where can you explore or get to the truth of something? What fascinates or calls to you in some way? Where do your passions lie? Daringly bold reds or deep dark blues and blacks are excellent ways to celebrate the energy of Scorpio & our descent into the darker days of Fall!  

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      Happy Birthday Scorpio! Adventure & exploration color your birthday month. Traveling or learning something new will open your senses & feel rejuvenating if you’ve been having an overstimulating time as of late. Adventurousness is your buzzword: where would you like to go? If there’s no time for a long distance voyage, take a new class of some kind or do something out of your ordinary routine. 

      SHADE: Black Cherry Chutney

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      All things career and the climb to the top are highlighted for you this month Sag. Put your best foot forward at work and show your value- you will definitely be getting noticed this  month!

      SHADE: Me, Myselfie & I

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      Capricorn, the month ahead is a great to be social or dedicate your time to a cause you believe in. I also like to suggest visioning for a better future or getting inspired in some way- daydreaming is totally acceptable for you this month!

      SHADE: It’s in the Cloud

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      Aquarius it’s time for a bit of chill this month. I always like to suggest meditation or getting a bit of extra sleep during this transit. Do you ever remember your dreams? Write them down and see what they have to say to you, you could be totally amazed.

      SHADE: Gelato on My Mind

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      Pisces, the month ahead promises to be a very vibrant one for you - you may feel filled with vitality and energy. If the opportunity arises, don’t be afraid to step out as a leader or authority on some subject that you feel passionate about. Just do your research first!

      SHADE: Color So Hot It Berns

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      Money on your mind this month Aries! You may feel inspired to make a big purchase or really kick your financial bum into gear. Get to using affirmations of prosperity and watch the magic unfold for your finances this month.

      SHADE: CIA = Color is Awesome

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      A busy month lies ahead for you Taurus- communicating and small adventures around town could introduce you to some interesting new friends & perhaps even a love interest of sorts. You won’t be bored I promise!

      SHADE: Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon

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      All things home improvement are highlighted for you this month Gemini, or are you just needing a little extra rest and relaxation? Update your bedding, buy yourself a nice new candle or simply spend a little extra time at the home front this month.

      SHADE: Pale to the Chief

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      You may be feeling creative, romantic and extremely confident this month Cancer! It’s a great month for you to get out of your Cancerian shell and be out and about. You’ll exude a certain magnetism and this month promises to be a lot of fun for you.

      SHADE: Yank My Doodle

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      Health and balance with work are up for you this month Leo. Be sure to take some time for yourself in the morning before you get your day started. You’ll have an extra desire to be healthy this month and let go of any habits that stand in the way of that.

      SHADE: I Cannoli Wear OPI

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      This month is all about relationships for you Virgo. Being social is important if you’re looking to attract a partner. If you’re already together with your boo, be sure to take some extra time with them this month especially if life & work have been in the way.

      SHADE: Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots

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      This is an excellent month of personal empowerment Libra. Getting into a new workout routine, letting go of old habits, or simply getting a bit more rest so your mind is clear are all suggested for you as we traverse Scorpio!

      SHADE: Light My Sapphire

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