OPI Horoscopes: Taurus Season

April nail polish shades
  • April nail polish shades

    Taurus Season! Taurus represents all that is sensuous, productive, and beautiful! During our jaunt through Taurus, we take pride in our work, accumulating possessions that hold value to us and enjoy the remarkable senses that make up the human experience! 

    Taurus Season invites us to enjoy our favorite foods, to go into nature (Taurus is an Earth Sign after all...), and feel the ground under our feet, all while getting our hands dirty and taking pride in our effort to balance things out. Taureans can often be found working late into the night as one of the more disciplined and driven signs of the Zodiac. There's a beautiful feminine sensuality and splendor this next month can bring and read on to see what's in store for your sign this month! 

    1. OPI shade "Stick To Your Burgundies"

      Be sure to meditate, chill, and make time for a little journaling or quiet space this month after a very busy and powerful birthday period!

      Shop The Shade: Stick to Your Burgundies

    2. OPI shade "She's a Bad Muffuletta!"

      Happy Birthday, Taurus! Have fun and go adventuring this month. Anything that you can do to get out of your normal routine and shake things up is going to feel amazing.

      Shop The Shade: She's A Bad Muffuletta!

    3. OPI shade "Enter The Golden Era"

      Hitting your goals is going to feel especially excellent this month and you may notice yourself getting more attention for your accomplishments than usual...

      Shop The Shade: Enter The Golden Era

    4. OPI shade "Put It In Neutral"

      Take time to visualize this month, or jump onto Pinterest and collect imagery that inspires you to achieve your ambitions. Make sure the people around you are as supportive as you are to them.

      Shop The Shade: Put It In Neutral

    5. OPI shade "I Am What I Amethyst"

      Meditate and slow down this month, take a yoga class or go for a walk in nature. Anything to quiet the mind & experience some tranquility.

      Shop The Shade: I Am What I Amethyst

    6. OPI shade "Pants On Fire!"

      New beginnings color your month, Virgo. Where can you reinvent yourself or your look?

      Shop The Shade: Pants On Fire!

    7. OPI shade "Rich Girls and Po-Boys"

      Money on your mind Libra! Get budgeting or set a savings plan for your next big purchase. Take a close friend out to dinner if you're able.

      Shop The Shade: Rich Girls and Po-Boys

    8. OPI shade "Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet"

      A social month, get out and meet new people! You never know what new doors an amazing new friendship or acquaintance can open.

      Shop The Shade: Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

    9. OPI shade "Whisperfection"

      Nest and rest this month Sagittarius! Get more sleep or take yourself on a trip to the spa. Self-nurturance is key! 

      Shop The Shade: Whisperfection

    10. OPI shade "Can't Be Beet!"

      Have fun this month and start a fun new creative project or enjoy some romance. Any way you slice it. this month is yours.

      Shop The Shade: Can't Be Beet!

    11. OPI shade "Dont Bossa Nova Me Around"

      Balance is critical this month, so be sure to take care of your health and incorporate something nurturing into your daily routine. 

      Shop The Shade: Don't Bossa Nova Me Around

    12. OPI shade "Lucky Lucky Lavender"

      Relationships are important, especially the ones you cherish most. Find the time to show someone in your life you love & appreciate this month. 

      Shop The Shade: Lucky Lucky Lavender

    Written by Natalia Benson -