OPI Horoscopes: Virgo Season

Virgo Season:September Horoscopes
  • Virgo Season:September Horoscopes

    Welcome to Virgo Season, everyone! Our journey through Virgo invites us to get grounded, spend time in nature, and pay attention to the enjoyment of accomplishing daily tasks in life.

    Virgo energy is practical, intelligent, and powerfully dedicated, so let’s take on the positive traits of the Virgo this month to make our goals and ideals come to fruition! Virgo season is just the inspiration we need to get our to-do’s checked off with total ease and grace! Let’s see what our September horoscopes have in store:

    1. Shop the shade Rosy Future

      Take a chill pill this month, Aries. Slow down, get a little extra rest, and focus on total self-care amidst all your to-do’s and social obligations.

      Shop the Shade: Rosy Future

    2. Shop the shade Do you sea what I sea

      It’s time to have fun this month and do whatever feels light hearted and joyful! Virgo season is a good time to take a little break from reality every so often.

      Shop the Shade: Do You Sea What I Sea

    3. Shop the shade Squeaker of the House

      Balance out your vibes for September and take care of your health and your workload. Make it a priority to feel good first thing in the morning!

      Shop the Shade: Squeaker of the House

    4. Shop the shade Pink Flamenco

      Channel your flirtatious side this month, Cancer. Enjoy romance and connection with someone you care about. Single? Take yourself on a date.

      Shop the Shade: Pink Flamenco

    5. Shop the shade Staying Neutral

      Take some time to slow down this month. Try a meditation app to help counterbalance how busy you've been lately.

      Shop the Shade: Staying Neutral

    6. Shop the shade From Here to Eternity

      Use Virgo Season—your moment!—to book tickets for a long-distance trip, or simply take a class to expand your horizons. It’s your month to be especially curious and open minded.

      Shop the Shade: From Here to Eternity

    7. Shop the shade Color So Hot It Berns

      This is a great season to focus on career, productivity, and your workload, Libra—just be sure to balance out your powerful schedule with time for yourself.

      Shop the Shade: Color So Hot It Berns

    8. Shop the shade Show Us Your Tips

      Get social this month Scorpio! Make time to see friends new and old, you never know what kind of magic can be created through a connection.

      Shop the Shade: Show Us Your Tips

    9. Shop the shade Pretty Pink Perseveres

      Meditate, or try painting or tapping into a new creative skill this month, Sagittarius. Your mind may need a break from all the chaos you've been experiencing.

      Shop the Shade: Pretty Pink Perseveres

    10. Shop the shade Purple With a Purpose

      You'll be feeling extremely confident this Virgo Season, Capricorn! Put all your powerful vitality to good use by getting things done, volunteering, and more.

      Shop the Shade: Purple with a Purpose

    11. Shop the shade Rich Girls & Po-Boys

      This is a great month to get your finances or home in order. But don’t forget to make an investment in yourself. Save or spend? It's up to you!

      Shop the Shade: rich girls & po-boys

    12. Shop the shade Lucky Lucky Lavender

      A great month for being social and staying busy, there's a lighthearted energy available to you this month Pisces. Be sure to enjoy yourself!

      Shop the Shade: lucky lucky lavender

    13. Virgo Season: September Horoscopes

      Virgo Season is the time to try out new nail shades, so treat yourself to a manicure and make a salon visit a priority.

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    Written by Natalia Benson -