OPI It Girl: Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Taste The Style

  • OPI "It Girl": Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Taste The Style - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • OPI "It Girl": Cyndi Ramirez, founder of Taste The Style - The Drop Blog by OPI

    New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow and we can't wait to see the fashion and beauty trends that hit the runways. This season, we are partnering with some of the most fashionable ladies on the internet, and bringing you a fresh perspective of NYFW -- through their eyes.

    First up is Cyndi Ramirez, New York native, known for her unique fusion of food and fashion displayed on her site, Taste the Style. Read on for more about Cyndi and be sure to follow her on Instagram as she styles her way through NYFW.

    Tell us your name, where you live, and what you do. 

    Cyndi Ramirez, New York City 4 Life, Head Boss Babe at tastethestyle.com, and Co-Founder of youth-retaining face moisturizer, DAILE. 

    What shows are you looking forward to the most at New York Fashion Week? 

    Some of the shows I'm most excited to head to are Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller and OF COURSE Jeremy Scott. They're all legends at this point and while it's awesome to go see some of the young bucks, there's a certain euphoria that happens when you attend some of those bigger shows. It never gets old. Other than that, I can't wait to see what Tibi, Zimmermann, Delpozo, and Thom Browne (hands in the air emoji) has in store for us. 

    How do you describe your personal style? 

    Bohemian, masculine, sometimes rock-and-roll, always comfortable and occasionally unpredictable. 

    If you were an OPI polish color, which one would you be?

    Well, I'm an Aries and I'm Latina so some may say I'm a firey Latina. This guy fits me to a T., except, I'm pretty sure I'm the Tasmanian Devil. 

    Why is a good manicure always the best accessory? 

    Oh man, a bad mani can ruin an outfit. I can have my best possible outfit on, but if my nails are chipped, then all that confidence goes out the door. Well, maybe not that dramatic, but I do get self-conscious and no one likes to feel self-conscious about any part of their body, amirite?

    If OPI were to name a nail polish after you, what would it be called? 

    Taste The Cynergy. I think it's pretty obvious...no? 


    Make sure to check back in for more from Cyndi's New York Fashion Week experience throughout the week and on social media. Follow her on Instagram at @CyndiRamirez and @TasteTheStyle for an inside scoop. She'll be taking over the OPI Instagram on Friday taking us through her day of Fashion Week.

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