OPI It Girl: Jordan Santos

We're smitten with LA based Jordan Santos, an expert in all things social influence with a knack for the best in beauty, food and fashion. We sat down with this OPI It Girl to get to know her a bit more.
1. So, tell us. Who is Jordan Santos?
Jordan Santos is currently a 24-year-old girl living in LA, trying to make the most out of life! It's funny - when asked who I am, I automatically think to myself, "What do I do? What's my job?" even though there is so much more to me and everyone else than their career. But given that I jumped to that first, I'll say it! I am the Account Director for SWIM SOCIAL, a social media marketing agency based out of West Hollywood. I am a huge family girl, an LA native and a die-hard Lakers fan who loves to travel, read, shop and spend time with genuinely good people who help me become a better person and allow me to make them a better person in return. :)
2. What, outside of work, keeps your creative juices flowing? 
Does Instagram count? No, wait, that's work. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not really the creative type - organizing, executing and seeing out tasks are more my thing. However, I do think traveling and going to new places helps me be more creative. Getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself in a new city, country or even an unfamiliar part of town makes me see things in a different way - fashion, food, architecture, way of life, everything! Oh- and Tumblr. Tumblr is a huge source of aesthetic inspiration!
3. Last song played? 
Last song played is probably something on the radio. Most likely Fetty Wap. If I were the one to control music at the office, a party, restaurant or coffee shop, I would definitely play Drake, old school Kanye or 2000s hip hop. Think Ludacris, 50 Cent, T-Pain, Lil Wayne... 
4. What's one trend, beauty or fashion-related, that you're obsessed with?
A beauty trend that I'm into right now is highlighting. I'm not 100% sure that I do it right, but I don't have cheekbones so it's nice to try to pretend like I do. As for fashion, it's hard to think of a trend that I'm obsessed with! I don't think I'm huge on trends - I've never jumped on the peplum wagon or ever purchased wedged sneakers. I've never even owned or wore Uggs or Rainbows when everyone (at my high school) was wearing them. Right now, I think especially because I'm in the workplace, I just try to invest in really good basics that I could wear night and day. I know, super boring. I'm so sorry.
5. If you were an OPI color, which one would you be?
So I'm in between two! Makes Men Blush and Maintaining My Sand-ity are both up there. Makes Men Blush is such a good color- a super light pink that's not too pink. The name is AMAZING, too. Maintaining My Sand-ity is probably more me, though. A great, solid nude and a name that applies to me. Friends often tell me that I'm their least crazy/most sane friend who they can go to for reasonable advice. So yeah, I guess I do maintain my sand-ity. ;)
6. If OPI were to a polish after you, what would it be called?
This is so fun! Ok. Let's see. Let's do two. The first one would be "Jet Set" and it would be for the girl who travels. It's a nice, dark navy - nearly black - that would go with every outfit and look great in an Instagram post holding your American passport. The second one would be "The Naked Truth" - a tan, nude tone that almost makes your fingers look naked. I am always honest - sometimes too honest - and truly think honesty is the best policy. It saves everyone a lot of time and confusion when you tell the truth. It's no fuss- just like a good nude hue. So when are these colors coming out again? 
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