OPI Neon: The Playlist

OPI Neon: The Playlist
  • OPI Neon: The Playlist

    Grab your VIP passes! Festival season is back and we’ve created an exclusive collection of 6 limited edition Neon shades to ensure you look like a rockstar.

    Whether you’re planning to sing and dance all weekend alongside the bands, or simply watch the festivities from the comfort of your sofa, here’s our carefully curated playlist to get you in the mood with music festival nail color to match.

    1. Heroes by David Bowie


      Fans, journalists, and festival organizer Michael Eavis all agree. David Bowie’s rendition of “Heroes” was the greatest performance in Glastonbury history. Transport yourself back to the beginning of the millennium as you sing along to this classic wearing blue nails that would make Bowie, the eclectic style icon, proud.


      Shop Music is my muse

    2. Sometimes Things Get, Whatever by Deadmau5


      EDM became mainstream when Deadmau5 headlined Lollapalooza in 2011 in the center of a rotating Rubix cube. Host your own Dance Party 'Teal Dawn in this standout teal shade. We promise your nails will get the groove.

      Shop dance party 'teal dawn

    3. Formation by Beyoncé


      No-one can forget Queen Bey’s headline set at Coachella in 2018, where she set social media and Palm Springs alight with epic costume changes, a much-anticipated Destiny’s Child reunion and a cameo from Jay-Z himself. Just make sure your pink nail color doesn’t clash with your hot sauce swag too much ladies.

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    4. One More Time by Daft Punk


      From LED lights to their signature robot helmets, Daft Punk never disappoint. Party round and round your room to this festival classic with dayglo yellow nails tailor-made for raving.

      Shop PUMP UP the Volume

    5. Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones


      It only took 50 years for them to become headliners, but The Rolling Stones’ Glastonbury set in 2013 will go down in music history. From 70s classics to a phoenix burping fire, legions of music fans were as delighted as you will be with this hot orange nail polish.

      Shop Orange You a Rockstar

    6. Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix


      No festival playlist would be complete without a throwback to Woodstock and it’s iconic headliner. Return to the legend’s famous set of 1969, where he closed the festival at 9am on a Monday morning with an act including this classic (made even better with the fact you have purple nails to match).

      Shop Positive Vibes Only

    7. Now our favorite shades have met our favorite songs it’s time to shop the OPI Neon collection and get festival ready! Read our interview with the dynamic DJ duo, Angel and Dren, or peruse our list of the world’s best festivals. And don’t forget, when you’re out at a festival and rocking your OPI shades tag us on social media with #OPINeons for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

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