OPI Powder Perfection Liquids: Same Formula, New Look

OPI Powder Perfection Liquids: Same Formula, New Look
  • OPI Powder Perfection Liquids: Same Formula, New Look

    Here at OPI, we’re all about innovations, and our new liquids as part of the OPI Powder Perfection system are revamped with pros specifically in mind! Whether you’re new to the dip powder trend or already have clients regularly coming in loving the added durability, these new products are sure to be essential additions to your product lineup.

    Dip powder manicures are resin-based systems that utilize the liquid application in the form of a base coat followed by dipping nails into colored powders to form a protective layer of color overlayed onto natural nails. It's a simple brush, dip, tap application, and it doesn’t require light to cure. Looking for more information on what is a dip powder manicure?


    The typical application for dipping powder manicures includes a base coat, an activator, and a top coat to seal in color. Our new liquid packaging for each step is the same formula you know and love, but it’s now available in the iconic OPI bottle with color coded-caps to help you navigate through the system and provide a clearer regimen for your OPI Powder Perfection service applications.

    While application steps overall haven’t changed, read on to find out more about each step and why it’s key to proper system usage.


    1. OPI Powder Perfection Base Coat
      The resin base coat is the essential first step to all OPI Powder Perfection applications, it provides optimal adhesion of powders to nails, and helps ensure long-lasting results. The fan-favorite OPI pro-wide brush is now in the base coat and the flat bristles allow for perfect product pick up and precise application around the cuticle, and as always -- is odor-free. Making it ideal for clean air salon environments.
    2. OPI Powder Perfection Activator
      The activator accelerates the curing of the base coat in addition to the colored powders, and initiates the reaction to the final step, the top coat for a high-shine finish. This step is the essential step to helping provide added durability to nails as part of the dipping powder service.
    3. OPI Powder Perfection Top Coat
      The final step to all dipping powder manicures. The OPI Powder Perfection Top Coat seals in vibrant color applications and gives the iconic long-lasting shine you know and love. The Top coat now also features OPI’s pro-wide brush for a smooth and even coverage.
    4. OPI Powder Perfection Brush Cleaner
      This addition to the OPI Powder Perfection service application helps aid in brush hardening that may occur if proper dry time between steps isn’t applied properly.
    5. *Wear and dry time may vary based on international application* Add these new liquids to your salon lineup, we promise you'll love them as much as we do.


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