OPI Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse

Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse
  • Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse

    This fall we’re introducing a new line of OPI GelColor shades: Velvet Vision - Gel Effects. Known for her awe-inspiring manis, nail pro Christine Doan, AKA @glosshouse was the perfect woman to help show off these new dreamy shades.

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    1. Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse Nail Art

      OPI: Why did you start doing nails? Any advice for nail techs trying to get into the business?

      CD: I started doing nails as a form of self-care and daily self-reflection following a mental health scare -- I was diagnosed with bipolar type two and general anxiety disorder. Painting nails was a daily ritual that calmed my racing thoughts, soon it led to doing nails for my friends, coworkers, and family -- I eventually went to cosmetology school to get licensed and have been practicing more nail art to challenge my creativity nowadays. For new nail techs entering the industry, I recommend drawing inspiration from other mediums! It's been so fun translating other forms of art into nail art, such as fashion, paintings, sculptures, and even writing pieces for me (they often deep dive into thinking points I don't usually consider).

      OPI: Tell us what you love about our newest Velvet Vision collection? What’s your favorite shade?

      CD: My favorite shade is for sure 'Mauvenetic Poles', it's such a great dusty rose color and when in light can look like champagne or even frosted. Because the shade is just slightly warm, it pairs well with so many other OPI shades to give you a cohesive look. Or, use it as solid color for a funky twist on a neutral shade!

    2. Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse Nail Art

      OPI: In terms of education, where do you look for new trends and techniques that inspire you?

      CD: When it comes to keeping up with new trends and techniques, alongside reading up on design trends -- my peers are my greatest influence! @amyle.nails always has the cutest color combos and @nails_and_soul is such a detail-oriented artist. I love following them both!

      OPI: What is your favorite nail moment in your career so far? What do you want to accomplish next?

      CD: Not to be dramatic.. but definitely, this project with OPI. Launching a new collection (AND AS A BRAND AMBASSADOR? ..brb, suddenly I'm in a pool of saltwater). I remember growing up in all the salons my parents owned, watching the many transformations and new product launches that came as the OPI brand grew. It's such a well-respected name and brand in the Vietnamese-American salons, it feels so surreal to work alongside you all. I hope to continue to bridge the gap between mental health and self-care as I continue my journey. I think it's so important that we continue to make space for the part of the "beauty community" that comes with solace, inner healing, and peace when it comes to finding self-confidence.

    3. Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse Nail Art

      OPI: Do you have any tips/tricks on working with the magnet to get this dreamy effect?

      CD: I love working layering the colors on top of one another to create even more depth, try 'Platinum Eclipse' on top of 'Teal Trance' -- in the sun, it'll give off a soft round gradient effect.

      OPI: What do you like about OPI GelColor?

      CD: Stay strong is a perfect base that not only keeps the longevity of your nails and maintains their health and integrity. The viscosity is also a great way to build a natural and stronger apex into your nail plates -- this is perfect for your clients that have a much more active lifestyle.

      OPI: We’re celebrating 40 years of OPI this year. Looking back at your career, what would you like to remember?

      CD: My career is still in the early stages of growth but as I continue to look back I want to make sure I enjoy and celebrate every milestone. I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunities I've had so far -- I just hope I take it all in while it's happening. I can't wait to grow alongside OPI!

    4. Pro Spotlight: Glosshouse

      Don't forget to follow Christine, @glosshouse on Instagram for more gorgeous manis and nail art.

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