OPI Pro Spotlight: Hang Nguyen Celebrates 40 Years of Color

OPI Pro Spotlight: Hang Nguyen
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: Hang Nguyen

    This summer we’ve bottled up our favorite palette inspired by Malibu, the ultimate vacation destination. Known for her love of color and bright summery shades, Pro Hang Nguyen aka @thehangedit was the perfect woman to work on our Malibu collection shoot. Having previously worked with Glamour and Nike, here she shares how she became a nail tech, her favorite shades and the trends to watch out for this summer.

    Watch the video below to get an exclusive interview with Hang too.



    1. Skittle Nail Art

      OPI: Tell us about your journey becoming a nail tech, what helped you decide to go down that path?

      HN: I was a massage therapist at the time and got pregnant with my first daughter. That’s when I decided to go get my nail license as I knew I couldn’t continue on doing massage therapy while pregnant.

      OPI: Your manicures are full of color! What are some of your favorite OPI shades and why?

      HN: I love A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find. The perfect bright summery shade of orange-red. “You’re Such a Budapest” is also a beautiful soft summer shade. Some neutrals I love for my nail art base are Do You Take Lei Away?, Funny Bunny, and Bubble Bath.

    2. OPI Nailfie

      OPI: What summer trends do you see coming to life in the coming months, and where do you find your inspiration?

      HN: Of course bright colorful nails are going to be strong in summer. Happy bright nails will definitely be in especially after what we’ve all been and are still going through. I find inspiration in everything. I walk with filtered eyes seeking out what would be great for nail art. Fashion prints, magazines and Pinterest are all great places to find inspiration.

      OPI: We know you like negative space nail art, what resonates with you most about that style?

      HN: I enjoy how minimal negative space art can be so simple yet create such a bold look as well.

      OPI: What are some must-have items you have in your nail kit?

      HN: Essential oils are a must. Helps calm the clients and pick their mood up for a long day of work.


    3. OPI Swirly Nail Art

      OPI: If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would you say?

      HN: Don’t be lazy and start YouTube videos.

      OPI: You helped us during our Malibu collection shoot. What is your favorite moment on set with us?

      HN: Loved the crew and sharing down time to paint their nails !!

      OPI: What’s your go-to OPI summer shade?

      HN: “A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find” would have to take the win for me.

    4. Hang Nguyen @thehangedit

      As a classically trained painter, Hang treats each nail like a tiny canvas. Her work has graced the covers of Glamour and lnStyle magazines and she works regularly with brands like Nordstrom, Nike, and H&M. Both nail brands and her large and engaged Instagram following recognize her as the industry leader in setting nail trends. Follow Hang Nguyen @thehangedit on Instagram.

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