OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailartbysig

OPI Pro Spotlight:@nailartbysig
  • OPI Pro Spotlight:@nailartbysig

    September 15th to October 15th marks an important time for our community - Hispanic Heritage Month. Where we celebrate the influence of Hispanic Americans on the history and culture of the United States. As part of OPI’s celebrations, we caught up with Sigourney Nuñez aka @nailsbysig to talk about her history, style and how her heritage inspires her work.

    OPI: You mention on your Instagram profile you are a licensed lacquer artist, what made you want to specialize in Nail Lacquer as a medium over other systems?

    SN: Nail lacquer has a special place in my heart because it gave me access to a career. Functionally speaking though, I prefer nail lacquer as a medium because it’s super pigment and I can easily remove it, and change up my look to match my mood.

    OPI: You have become quite a sensation on social media and TikTok lately! Any advice for nail pros looking to break into the platform to share their work?

    SN: (blushes) Such a sweet compliment-- thank you! I like to break down my social media strategy into two buckets: consistency and community. It’s so important to be consistent with your work. And consistency doesn't necessarily mean posting every day. Consistency can look like always mentioning a technique you used or giving a shout-out to your clients. Consistency is something your audience can learn to always expect from you. Which connects to the second bucket, community. What’s the point of being on social media if you’re not going to be social? I know it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game and focus on your follower count, but what is more important is building a connection with the community that already supports you. The rest will follow.

    OPI: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

    SN: A lot of my inspiration comes from color. I can be watching TV and see a really great outfit on an actor and be inspired by the combination. I am also inspired by art and patterns I see out in the real world. Paragraph image-- if provided, otherwise format all into body copy area

    OPI: September and October are Hispanic Heritage Month. What are some ways to celebrate and learn more about Hispanic cultures? What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

    SN: I think it’s a great opportunity to be exposed to and learn about other cultures. One really easy way to celebrate this month, even if you don’t identify as Latinx or Hispanic, is to eat the food! There are so many regional foods to choose from. Another way to celebrate this month is to support Latinx or Hispanic-owned businesses- there’s always a good time to give back to the community and shop local.

    OPI: What does support for the Hispanic community mean to you?

    SN: For me, it’s always super humbling when I get a DM or comment from a fellow Latinx who shares their support and kindness. It motivates me to continue to work hard and push for diversity in the industry.

    OPI: What does it mean to be a Latina woman in the nail industry? Are there any other Latina techs we should follow?

    SN: I hope that my career trajectory inspires others to pursue their passion, especially if it’s in the nail industry. Generally speaking, when you first tell people you want to do nails for a living there’s a lot of hesitation and concern because some people think you can’t turn nails into a meaningful or lucrative career. I hope other Latinx nail pros join me in proving them wrong. Yes! There are so many powerful Latinx artists out there doing their thing: @txmanimuse, @suicidepink, @yvett_g, @nailedbygio, @opalnaillab - just to name a few! 

    OPI: Tell us about how you started your nail career! Anything you would do differently?

    SN: I started my nail journey in 2013 when I launched a DIY nail art blog and used Instagram to share easy-to-recreate nail designs and techniques. From there, I combined my journalism background and passion for nails and worked as an editor and digital content manager for two leading nail publications in the United States. During that time I earned my manicuring hours at Advance Beauty College and was licensed by early 2016. From there, I moved on to be the North America Education Manager for OPI. Today, I am a full-time nail content creator. Looking back, I feel super proud and grateful about my journey. I think the only thing I would change, or something I would tell my past self is, to trust my instincts more. It’s something I am still working on today when it comes to my artistic choices.

    OPI: What strengths do you feel the nail industry has in terms of diversity and inclusion? What are some areas in which we can do better in your opinion?

    SN: I think since the civil unrest happened in June 2020, there have been some intentional decisions being made by brands to be inclusive. While there is still work to be done, I think there are more ways to be inclusive and diverse beyond showcasing different skin tones. Not all nails or hands are perfect, so I would personally love to see diversity in hand and nail type as well. It’s realistic to what we see in the salon and in everyday life. 

    OPI: What do you think nail color companies can do to lead the way for meaningful discussion and substantial change?

    SN: Nail color companies have a platform that is usually dedicated to showing the most beautiful and trending colors so the vibe is always rainbows and sunshine. I think it’s important for brands to not be afraid to get real or be a part of the conversation because they fear it’s not on brand or doesn’t fit the aesthetic. I think it’s important for brands to share what they stand for.

    OPI: What role do you think you can play in opening doors for others?

    SN: I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my husband, family, friends, and more importantly my mentors. I would love the opportunity to help foster the next generation of nail pros with whatever support or guidance I can provide.

    OPI: What’s next on your list of accomplishments?

    SN: Now that I am a full-time creator, I am excited to see how I can take my brand to the next level to continue to inspire and support others. I am also excited about continuing to build my craft and continue learning every single day.

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