OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailartslanger

OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailartslanger
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailartslanger

    OPI Educator, Design Team Artist and OPI STAR LIGHT model, meet Julie Le aka @nailartslanger. Having recently worked at the 2021 Wella Beauty Awards, we caught up with her to learn how she got started in the industry, her favorite holiday looks and more.

    1. Floral Nail Art

      OPI: How did you get started in the nail industry?

      JL: I got started in the industry when I was 15. I had a hard time socially in high school so my mom said “go to school or work.” I chose work. So she set me up with a receptionist job at her friend’s full service salon. They ended up training me for manis and pedis on the second day and I fell in love.

    2. Gold Dipped Nail Art

      OPI: You recently had your work featured for the 2021 Wella Beauty Envision Awards! How was that experience?

      JL: Working the 2021 Wella Beauty Envision Awards was amazing! It was great to be traveling again and working in person. Working on set is my favorite. I love the hustle and bustle and being around other creatives. The models were all so nice and beautiful and I loved seeing my work on stage. It was so dreamy.

    3. Winter Snow Nail Art

      OPI: Do you have a favorite shade from our OPI Celebration collection?

      JL: My favorite shade from the OPI Celebration collection has to be Confetti Ready. It’s so cute and fun, makes me want to party!

      OPI: What's your favorite holiday nail art look?

      JL: My favorite holiday nail art look has to be anything hand-painted. I live for Grinch nails during this time but Buffalo plaid will do it for me too.

    4. Dipping Powder Nail Art

      OPI: What’s your favorite feature benefit of the OPI STAR LIGHT?

      JL: My favorite feature on the OPI STAR LIGHT is the 3 second flash cure! I do so much hand painted nail art that this function helps so much when flash curing in between steps.

      OPI: What has been the highlight of your nail career so far, and where would you like to see it go from here?

      JL: The highlight of my career has to be the time I worked on set as a MODEL for the OPI STAR LIGHT campaign. That was so much fun being a part of that and seeing all the content after with myself and my colleague, Galdina Jimenez. I would love to do more behind-the-scenes work creating collections with the brand.

    5. OPI Pro Julie

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