OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailuscious

OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailuscious
  • OPI Pro Spotlight: @nailuscious

    Looking to feel inspired? Introducing OPI Educator of the Year 2020 Galdina Jimenez aka @nailuscious. Read on to find out how her life has changed, her go-to shades and why she’s so excited about the new OPI STAR LIGHT.



    1. OPI Simple Nail Art

      OPI: Last year, you were named OPI Educator of the Year. How has that changed things for your business and life as a nail artist?

      GJ: It was such an honor last year to be named OPI Educator of the year. Since having that title, it has given me the reassurance and confidence as a nail tech, not only in my studio but in the nail world, that I am on the correct path in my career. I was able to raise my prices with confidence in my studio. I'm driven to keep pursuing improvement in everything I do because it has proven that all my hard work, time, and effort has been noticed and paid off.

      OPI: What inspired you to become a professional nail artist?

      GJ: Needing a job when going through a divorce inspired me to become a professional nail artist. My only other skill that I knew of at the time was nail art, but as a hobby. I knew I had to pursue it as a profession.

    2. OPI Colorful Nail Art

      OPI: What shade/art do you currently have on your nails?

      GJ: I'm not embarrassed to say that I currently have naked nails with just some Stay Strong Base Coat and two coats of Stay Shiny Top Coat. I have my nails prepared to record some DIY content. Having Gel Color on them; I can keep the length on my nails, work, and simply paint over them with lacquer products for my upcoming nail art videos that I have planned.

    3. OPI Black and White Nail Art

      OPI: What are you most excited about when it comes to our new OPI STAR LIGHT?

      GJ: I am MOST excited about the proper thumb curing from the new OPI STAR LIGHT. My biggest struggle with the last OPI Light was constantly having to fix and make sure that my clients thumbs were properly cured. The new Star Light will ensure to prevent this problem and save me time. If you are a nail tech you know that time is not only money, but valuable in itself. So is our sanity. LOL.

    4. OPI Red Nail Art

      OPI: What's your go-to look for a new client looking to try something new in the fall?

      GJ: My go to look for my clients this fall is going to be Velvet Vision leaves or Sweater nails using Gel Color and Powder Perfection.

      OPI: What is your favorite OPI Fall shade/look?

      GJ: My favorite OPI fall shade look is nudes with pops of RICH color. I plan to use the neutral shades from the Malibu Collection (Coastal Sandtuary, El Mat-Adoring You, Endless Sun-ner, Bonfire Serenade, & Cliffside Karaoke) with pops of rich shades from both DTLA and Celebration (7th & Flower, My Studio's on Spring, Violet Visionary, All is Berry & Bright, Big Bow Energy, OPI ❤️ to Party, and Ready Fete Go) Total 90's vibes!

    5. OPI Print Nail Art

      OPI: Do you have a favorite shade from our new OPI Celebration collection?

      GJ: My favorite shade from the new OPI Celebration Collection is "My Color Wheel is Spinning" it’s my total VIBE! It's Nailuscious to the max. The perfect combo of pink and purple with holographic micro glitters.

    6. OPI Pro Galdina

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