OPI Pro Spotlight x PRIDE: Amy Le

OPI Pro Spotlight x PRIDE: Amy Le
  • OPI Pro Spotlight x PRIDE: Amy Le

    At OPI we believe that Color is the Answer, from the shade on our nails to the ways we show up and express ourselves regardless of gender roles, social status, or feeling the need to "fit in." This month, in honor of Pride, we’re thrilled to move our Pro spotlight onto Amy Le, a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Here Amy shares how color has a positive impact, the importance of self-expression, and what Pride means to her. Watch the video below to learn how to get this stunning linework nail art look in celebration of Pride.


    1. Cloud Nail Art

      OPI: Personally and professionally, how has color been a positive impact for you?

      AL: I LOVE working with color! When a client comes in and has a fun nail look they are inspired by I get so excited. I think nail art and polish is such an easy way to incorporate fun color into your life, without feeling like you are going overboard. I usually wear all black but my nails are always something fun, it’s my way of expressing myself and my personality.

      OPI: How has your career allowed you to be a force for equality, promote self-expression, and celebrate all forms of beauty?

      AL: I think gaining a following and having a platform has allowed me to find my voice. I have always been shy but social media has really opened up my personality and made me feel like I have a voice. I was always hesitant about letting people into my life but more and more I have been posting stories about ME. It makes me feel so good to see so many positive comments and it allows me to feel comfortable opening up about topics that may be uncomfortable to talk about. I recently did a bunch of stories explaining what it means to identify as non-binary, as I had a past relationship with someone who identified as they/them. The amount of DMs I received after posting was overwhelming and I felt so good knowing people wanted to be educated and may have learned something new!


    2. Rainbow Nail Art

      OPI: If you could share any advice with your younger self, what would it be?

      AL: YOUR VOICE MATTERS! Don’t be afraid of what people think, just go for it. It’s really important to take space and make a presence.

      OPI: Due to social distancing, Pride month may be celebrated virtually again this year. What are you doing to celebrate if anything?

      AL: I’m going to have a fun-filled day with my girlfriend. I’m usually a homebody so this worked out in my favor.

      OPI: How has the LGBTQ+ community empowered you?

      AL: Being a part of a community where you feel understood is one of the most comforting things. Having a place where you can share your successes & struggles in a space that people can relate to makes life easier to navigate.

      OPI: What does Pride mean to you?

      AL: Pride means feeling proud & worthy. It’s that self-respect that you have for yourself where you don’t feel the need to hide who you truly are & what you believe in. Knowing love conquers all and love is love.


    3. Amy Le


      Celebrate your individuality or show your support for the LGBTQ community through the expression of OPI nail polish color.


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