OPI Professionals: How to Create Stunning Instagram Stories - Tips with Ashley The Coach

OPI Professionals: How to Create Stunning Instagram Stories - Tips with Ashley The Coach
  • OPI Professionals: How to Create Stunning Instagram Stories - Tips with Ashley The Coach

    When it comes to creating stunning Instagram stories we know who to turn to. Enter @ashleythecoach, our go-to guru for all things social and Instagram marketing tips for businesses. In another edition of our Instagram business building tips made for nail pros, we’re covering all things IG stories. Read on and watch the video below to get the scoop on branding IG stories, how to make them pop, get helpful extra knowledge you don’t want to miss, and more.


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    Market Your Nail Business Tune-Up Your Instagram

    1. How to Brand Instagram Stories


      In order to ensure your Instagram stories look and feel branded to your business, Ashley suggests adding small details that flow with your brand’s color palette. Start by adding a few images through the menu of the story creation screen, then use a pre-created image from a platform like Canva to start to pull colors from using the color selection tool in the app. Add additional details like gifs and text as well to help pull together your branded story.


    2. Make Instagram Stories that POP!


      Using the tip Ashley shared above, add your brand guide color palette to another story creation to get started. Draw fun wavy lines over the top of your main image for example and then use the eraser tool to remove some of the overlapping areas. This will bring the main image back to the foreground to help create depth and dimension. Add additional pops of movement with gifs for even more layers of fun.


    3. Helpful Instagram Stories You Don’t Want to Miss


      Augmented reality isn’t just for gaming! Ashley suggests using augmented reality filters from the menu screen in the app to select from various pre-made mockups for use in stories as a fun way to display your work. She shares how a specific filter called Presentation, by Laly allows you to film yourself alongside your work and help explain it to current and future clients. A great way to show off new nail art techniques clients will love!


    4. Ashley Gregory

      Ashley Gregory Hackett is an in-demand session manicurist and award-winning nail professional. Creator of The Nailscape and co-host of Outgrowth podcast, Ashley coaches and empowers other pros on how to bridge the gap between beauty school and a successful beauty career through her engaging educational style.

      Stay connected with Ashley at ashleythecoach.com and ashley-gregory.com, as well as be sure to follow her on Instagram @ashleythecoach for tons of educational insight and business-building tips.

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