OPI Professionals: How to Market Your Nail Business Using Instagram - Tips with Ashley The Coach

How to Market Your Nail Business Using Instagram
  • How to Market Your Nail Business Using Instagram

    As nail professionals, we know how important marketing ourselves online can be to our businesses, and in this fast-paced, digital-first world, being able to reach clients and draw them in with quality content can be tricky. Ashley Gregory, or as we know her, @ashleythecoach on Instagram, is our go-to guru when it comes to social media know-how and marketing tips for small businesses, especially for nail pros! She sat down with us to share her top tips for marketing your nail business on Instagram, everything from creating guides to help price out nail art online, to ensuring you capture the perfect content in your feed. Read on to find out what insider insight she has for upping your social media presence to help your nail business thrive.


    1. Nail Art Pricing Instagram Guide


      Instagram Guides are a creative way to display information people might already be looking for online. How to price nail services: When it comes to pricing out nail art, Ashley advises creating three categories: basic, advanced, and custom, and assigning example images from your gallery as well as adding helpful information like pricing and descriptions to help clients and potential clients better understand what they can expect. Watch her video below to find out how to create an Instagram Guide.


    2. Using Hashtags to Fill Your Books


      Hashtags are a fantastic tool for nail professionals when used accurately. When it comes to maximizing the reach that hashtags can provide to help market your nail business, Ashley proposes using a formula of geographic, specific, and branded hashtag types. By thinking of hashtags in terms of descriptive search words (especially for nail art hashtags), you can ensure that clients and potential clients looking for your services can better find you and your work. Watch the video below to help better understand how hashtags can be used as tools to help grow your reach.


    3. A Week of Content in 3 Minutes


      When it comes to creating content, the busy life of a nail professional can mean less time capturing the stunning work you create. Ashley recommends using the 3 photos to 2 videos rule, ensuring nails are the focus. Take three images with various poses and image sizes, as well as two 15-second videos to help vary the content across social platforms. Watch the video below to see how best to capture content in less than 3 minutes.


    4. Ashley Gregory Hackett, in-demand session manicurist & award winning nail pro

      Ashley Gregory Hackett is an in-demand session manicurist and award-winning nail professional. Creator of The Nailscape and co-host of Outgrowth podcast, Ashley coaches and empowers other pros on how to bridge the gap between beauty school and a successful beauty career through her engaging educational style.

      Stay connected with Ashley at ashleythecoach.com and ashley-gregory.com, as well as be sure to follow her on Instagram @ashleythecoach for tons of educational insight and business-building tips.

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