OPI Professionals: How to Tune Up Your Instagram and Boost Your Nail Business - Tips with Ashley The Coach

How to Tune Up Your Instagram and Boost Your Nail Business
  • How to Tune Up Your Instagram and Boost Your Nail Business

    If you’ve been following along with our Instagram tips for business designed for nail pros lately, you know how important of a resource this platform can be. In case you missed some of the basics, check out our complete guide below to help get you started.

    When it comes to unlocking the full potential of the platform, we reached out to social expert Ashley Gregory again, or as we know her @ashleythecoach on Instagram, to get the latest tips and tricks to help keep you at the top of your nail game. Read on and watch the video below to get insider info on optimizing your social bio, fast photo fixes, how to create branded social content, and more.


    1. How to Tune Up Your Instagram Bio

      According to Ashley, one of the biggest ways your Instagram bio can help boost your nail business is by ensuring that you craft it in a way that helps tap into searches that potential clients may make. By nature of this, a key way to ensure you are able to be found is to continuously edit your bio and keep the details of it fluid. Does your bio answer the question “What’s in it for me?” that clients may be asking? Other tips for your Instagram bio include optimizing your contact info, ensuring you use the link field to your maximum benefit, and including FAQs or other content within easy reach in your stories highlights. Watch the video below to learn how to add link to Instagram bio and more.


    2. Quick and Easy Photo Fixes

      When it comes to putting your best foot (or hand) forward on Instagram, Ashley suggests that lighting is a key way to help improve your photo quality. She recommends using a few good light sources, avoiding the dreaded flash (this can greatly oversaturate images), and paying attention to where the lines of light fall within your image. When it comes to posing, relaxing is key as well-- be sure to use a variety of poses when possible and direct clients in a way that helps them understand the positioning. Lastly, Ashley explains the importance of an image’s composition, when in doubt, zoom in! This will allow your product to be the focus and for potential clients to get an idea of your services offered.


    3. Instagram Reels

      Instagram Reels are a great tool to help maximize reach, but matching an image from the content created can clash with the overall feel of the page. To help with this, Ashley shares how easy creating branded content on platforms like Canva can be. Apply this created content as the cover image for your Reels instead of looking for a screenshot, this will allow the overall aesthetic of your page to flow much more smoothly without having to focus on altering the content itself. Finally, when it comes to the dreaded last-minute cancelation we’ve all experienced, use a feature like close friends for applied to your client list. This will alert this smaller group of people rather than your entire following of an upcoming opening that they may want to snag.


    4. Ashley Gregory

      Ashley Gregory Hackett is an in-demand session manicurist and award-winning nail professional. Creator of The Nailscape and co-host of Outgrowth podcast, Ashley coaches and empowers other pros on how to bridge the gap between beauty school and a successful beauty career through her engaging educational style. Stay connected with Ashley at Ashleythecoach.com and ashley-gregory.com, as well as be sure to follow her on Instagram @ashleythecoach for tons of educational insight and business-building tips. In case you missed our previous business building tips from Ashley with Instagram click the link below.


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