OPI ProSpa: Perfecting Your Pedicures

Are your feet ready for summer?


Here we go again… beach, pool, sandals, barbecues and bathing suits. After a LONG dry and cold winter, I am sure I am not the only one who is absolutely ready for some fun in the sun! I love family get togethers, hiking in the Colorado Mountains, and best of all, wearing cute sandals!


My clients and I share the same summer hobbies, so I know exactly what they need when the winter season comes to a long awaited end. There is NOTHING like a thorough pedicure to remove dry winter skin, relax tired feet and get those toes polished to show off in a new pair of sandals.

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Most of my clients still get pedicures in the winter, but I do have those few who don’t. I also see a lot of clients who are visiting from out of state. The good news is that I have a pedicure for everyone. I offer tiered services (OPI ProSpa has great recommendations for these!). By offering tiered services, I am able to give my client exactly what she needs depending on how much work her feet need, how much time she has for the service, and the level of relaxation she is looking for.

OPI, OPI ProSpa, Pedicures, Pedicure, Salon, Nail Salon, Nail Professional

Regardless of the length of time a pedicure service is, it should always includes top of the line products. I know that by using quality ingredients, my client is receiving a great service that will have lasting results. The skin on our feet and hands should be treated just as good as the skin on our face. Hands and feet do so much work for us! Why have ‘just a pedicure’? By treating our feet to great services and products, we can feel good in our own skin and keep it nourished.


So what are my absolute must haves for a summer- ready pedi? Here are a few things that I include in my services.

  1. Exfoliation - Absolutely necessary to remove dull dry skin. Cracked heels need to be filed to soften. The skin on feet and legs needs a good scrub to remove dead skin and rejuvenate. I use OPI ProSpa Advanced Callus Softening Gel to soften calluses and Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to scrub feet and legs. (It feels SO good!)
  2. Moisture - Why exfoliate and then leave the skin dry? All that fresh renewed skin needs moisture ASAP! I use OPI’s Moisture Whip Massage Cream - it leaves the skin moisturized and glowing without being greasy.
  3. Polish - For a longer lasting polish, I opt to use a hybrid type of lacquer like OPI’s Infinite Shine (it also dries faster AND comes in all the trending colors!) For those who are really active, I use GelColor. It is dry right away and lasts while maintaining a high gloss shine.
  4. Home Care - Every client should really be keeping up with her problem areas at home. Heels are the number one complaint during a consultation. Dry, cracked, thick… you name it someone has it. When she tells me her concerns, it is important for me to not only customize her service, but to also recommend products to use at home. Making professional suggestions is a must as a nail pro. My clients trust me, so they know that I have their best interest in mind when I sell them home care products. OPI has an AWESOME foot cream that has had incredible results. Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm has ingredients like White Tea extract and Cuapuacu Butter. These ingredients give instant results, which everyone is looking for. It not only maintains the pedicure that she just had, but also prevents skin from going back to where it was before the service.


Well there you have it. Ready. Set .Go! I am looking forward to a very busy and successful summer of giving incredible pedicures that leave my clients feeling refreshed and ready to show off her beautiful heels and toes. It is important for me to use techniques and products that leave a lasting impression with my client. With a nail shop around every corner, it is a must for me to set my services above the standard expectation and give my customers a reason to come back. I am happy to have the professional techniques, products and support provided by OPI. Here is to Summer 2017!

Written by Angela Gutierrez -