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    Welcome to Scotland, the inspiration for the OPI Fall 2019 nail color collection. The land of winding cobblestone roads, killer plaid, and unicorns. Yes, really, unicorns. It’s where every unique personality is colorful in their own way. Where individuality shines through bold fashion and vibrant hues, and where community is stronger than glue. But when temperatures drop, leaves begin to fall, and layers add up, the real magic happens. Their wardrobe becomes a statement. Their nails, an accessory. And their makeup pops beneath the fog.

    It’s safe to say we’re crushing on Scotland, which is why it’s the inspiration for our latest fall nail color collection.

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    1. Discover Scotland fashion


      There’s grunge plaid. There’s Cher Horowitz plaid. Then there’s Scotland plaid. Its claim to fame is iconic tartan kilts that can be seen all over, but when autumn hits, it gets remixed into something fierce, bagpipe not required. Their fall fashion consists of animal print coats thrown over houndstooth skirts. Plaid trousers starring alongside floral blouses. Or window pane plaid blazers all dressed up with brooches, scarves, or crushed velvet. Here, they say plaid goes with everything, so they’re no stranger to mixing and matching, making their style ultra-edgy, especially in the colder months.

    2. Discover Scotland Beauty


      Just like Scotland isn’t afraid to be bold in their fashion, they don’t shy away from a bold lip, lid, or ‘do. Dark purple tones can be found dusted onto eyelids, and deep reds accentuate lips. When it comes to hair, sophisticated and sleek hairstyles let the plaid do the talking for some, while others flaunt their personality in their tresses by dying their hair pink, violet, or blue.

    3. Discover Scotland Nail Trends


      Two words: Heart. Eyes. This time of year, nails act as the cherry on top of a perfect fall look. Manis and pedis draw fall nail color inspiration from Scotland’s warm autumn palette, letting orange, mauve, and maroon nail polish do all the talking. If it’s not a solid color on fingertips, it’s a work of art. Locals can be seen reinventing iconic Scotland plaids on their hands, or turning classic art into minimalist nail art.


      Now that you’ve gotten a taste of this beautiful country, it’s time to give it all you Scot and recreate the magical land right on your fingertips. Choose your favorite shade from our collection, then show off your nails on social media using #OPIScotland.

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