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OPI Velvet Vision
  • OPI Velvet Vision

    The nail trend every beauty editor’s talking about (and our latest obsession!) has finally joined the OPI family. Introducing Velvet Vision - Gel Effects, a magnetic gel formula that creates a mesmerizing velvety effect.

    What started in Korea and is now making its way around the globe (thanks to viral Instagram posts) is a truly dreamy effect that reflects light in the same way a crushed velvet texture might. Made with fine magnetic shimmers and translucent pigments, our six new shades create optical nail-lusions that move with every angle. And the best part? The looks you can create are endless.

    Let’s dig in:

    1. OPI Velvet Vision Lineup


      Psychic Plum, a vivid, velvety purple, and Teal Trance, an electric blue-green, will make nails look out of this world.
      Emerald Illusion adds a mystifying touch of green, while Platinum Eclipse adds a pure silver dimension.
      For a punch of pink magic, Mystic Magenta is your go-to, but for something softer, Mauvenetic Poles give nails a touch of gold.

      See the shades

    2. Psychic Plum


      There’s no need for base color or flash curing for the effect to shine through, and each shade goes on quickly. All you’ll need to achieve this effect is a magnet (our Gel Effects Velvet Vision Add-On Kit comes with one)–simply prep nails, apply your shade, then guide your magnet around the nail until you achieve your desired effect.


      Now for the fun part. You can go for solid velvety nails or create unique designs like animal print (yes, really!) by guiding your magnet in different directions. It bears repeating: the possibilities are endless.


    3. We can’t wait to see what you come up with, so be sure to tag us @OPI_Professionals and #OPIVelvetVision to show off what you create.

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