OPI’s 2019 Spring Collection: Our City of inspiration

OPI Spring Collection is coming
  • OPI Spring Collection is coming

    Here at OPI, we’re thrilled to give you a peek behind the curtains and share a glimpse of the city that influenced our newest shade collection.

    This vibrant and vivacious city our new collection is focused on is brimming with iconic style and one-of-a-kind scenery. From food to fashion, it seemed like a metropolis from the future. It’s palette of vibrant hues caught our eye, and once we started to explore the colors and discover its culture, we knew we had to capture its true essence for our Spring collection.

    Here are four fun facts about our newest collection:

    1. OPI Spring Collection is coming


      When we were visiting our collection’s city, we were blown away by the dazzling dynamism we saw walking down the streets. From cramped alleys to crowded crosswalks, the city exuded vitality.

    2. OPI Spring Collection is coming


      Several of our shades were inspired directly by the style we saw all across the city, like the electric hues imbued in some of our shades. Others captured the iconic styles that were being displayed in shop windows and even in the avante-garde fashion that this city is world famous for.

    3. OPI Spring Collection is coming


      Whether you prefer a natural look or like to take your time before you step out the door, the shades in our new collection will become instant must-haves in your nail polish collection.

    4. OPI Spring Collection Nail Art


      From bright lights to geometric graffiti, the shades in our new collection are just begging to be combined with one another to transform into instantly iconic nail art. When this collection comes out, treat yourself to a salon visit and prepare your nails to be showered in compliments.

    5. Have you guessed what city our latest collection is inspired by? We want to know what destination you believe inspired out Spring 19’ collection here.

      You’ll be able to explore the shades and images from our adventures exploring the collection February 1.

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