OPI’s Stay at Home Guide: Stay Connected with Clients with DIY Manicure Kits: An Interview with Julie Le

DIY Manicure Kits from OPI Pro Julie Le @nailartslanger
  • DIY Manicure Kits from OPI Pro Julie Le @nailartslanger

    If you’ve been following our series on at-home care, we’ve been answering a lot of pressing questions so clients can give their nails the best care possible while staying in. One of our most recent topics covered the importance of moisturizing skin and cuticles after using stripping products like hand sanitizers and soaps, which got us thinking about how we can stay in touch with clients and help them through this difficult time with our own tips and tricks.



    So we reached out to OPI Educator Julie Le and asked her to share how she’s staying in touch with clients by creating at-home manicure kits.

    OPI: What advice would you give to pros looking to make at-home manicure kits for clients?

    JL: My advice to pros would be to post, text, or message their customers and ask them if they would be interested in kits and what they would be interested in overall. Use the feedback to help create the kits you know are going to sell the most! In terms of items to place in kits, I recommend one 1x use OPI nail file or one 240/280 edge file, one flex 220/280 buffer, a mini ProSpa Exfoliating Cuticle Cream, and a small ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil. If your client would like, they can add upgrades to their mani kit, like a Shiner file for example. To contain liquids and creams, purchase a small disposable condiment container, like the ones they use at restaurants – I used 1 oz & 2 oz containers and portioned out some additional add-ons like ProSpa Micro-Exfoliating Hand Polish and Moisture Massage Whip.

    OPI: Do you have any tips for shipping and deliveries of the manicure kits?

    JL: If you can’t ship the kits out, and you’d like to offer deliveries, I would recommend mapping out your route first. Give your customer an estimated window for when their delivery will be completed, deliver and leave the package at the doorstep, and text/message to notify them once you have dropped it off. Use an app like Venmo or PayPal to receive the payment to keep things simple!

    OPI: Any advice for pros looking to stay in touch with clients?

    JL: I’m currently using social media to post any and all information around the closure of the salon, and updates to when we will be open again. I’m doing my best to provide full transparency because I want my clients to know that we are all in this together. I’m also letting them know that they can message me at any time if they have any questions on how to use their kits or just want to have small talk to make the days go by faster. I recommend staying active on your social media outlets, whether it’s nail related, or just filling them in on how you are keeping busy during this time. I feel like any support is a good idea at this time. It shows that you are human too.

    OPI: Thanks so much for your time Julie! We’re so happy we were able to connect with you to share your ideas. Is there anything additional you’d like to add?

    JL: As stressful and hard as this time is for everyone, just know that we are in this together. Take the time to reflect, rest, catch up on your favorite shows, and most importantly, continue to love each other.

    1. OPI Pro Julie Le

      You can follow Julie Le @nailartslanger for tons of inspiration and pro tips! To help stay connected in the community, we encourage you to share this information with your clients and fellow nail technicians and stay in touch with us by sharing tips and questions you may have on our @OPI_Professionals channels.

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