Our Style Muse: Meet Milan Stylist Daniela Zuccotti

Daniela Zuccotti
  • Daniela Zuccotti

    Milan has always held a special place in our hearts. It’s a city of visionaries who all use color as their catalyst for creativity, so as we welcome fall with one of our most inspiring collections to date, we wanted to see how these creators could turn our palette into their own personal muse.

    Meet Daniela Zuccotti, a Milan based stylist whose bold use of color has mesmerized us day in and day out. Daniela took our palette and ran with it, creating different looks inspired by pastel purples, moody blues, and warm fall tones that will spark your creativity. We love the way she brought our collection to life, so get inspired by her and her creative process below.

    Q: We love your style. Where do you think your penchant for adding color into your wardrobe came from?

    A: Maybe it’s due partly to personality and DNA, and partly to culture (fashion, books, magazines, art).

    Q: Has your sense of style evolved throughout your life?

    A: Yes of course. It’s linked to the different ages and experiences of my life.

    Q: Have you gone through phases with certain colors?

    A: Of course. I had a pink period, brown period, green period – now I’m into blue and light green.

    Q: We love what you did with our collection. How did these shades inspire you to create these looks?

    A: I started with the colors of the shades to choose materials, cuts, and a mood for each look.

    Q: What materials or textures were you drawn to immediately after you saw the shades?

    A: For warm tones: wool and leather. Blues: nylon, denim, and sequins. Purples: lace and velvet.

    Q: What mood were you going for with each look you styled?

    A: For warm tones: I learned into the past, memories, and relaxing moments. Blues represent night, time for me, and thrilling vibes. Purples are about the future, wishes and dreams, and creative moments.

    Q: What colors are your favorite shades in this collection and represent Milan most to you?

    A: Definitely the whole palette and those shades

    Q: What is your favorite shade name in this collection?

    A: “Have Your Panettone and Eat it Too.” So much fun!

    Now it’s your turn. This palette inspired Daniela to create unexpected looks for fall – what do these shades inspire you to do? Whether they make you want to paint, dance or whip up something sweet, show us how these shades are moving through you and transpiring as art in your own unique way.

    Follow Daniela and her many fashionable adventures @daniela_zuccotti, and tag us in what you come up with using #OPIMuseOfMilan and #ColorIsTheAnswer.

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