Pisces Season: March Horoscopes

OPI Pisces March Horoscope
  • OPI Pisces March Horoscope

    February 18, 2020–March 19, 2020

    Mercury is no longer direct as of March 16! Read below to read your personalized horoscope!

    Pisces Season! That watery abyss. Pisces, where we return to one: one consciousness, one love, one race, humanity. There is no discrimination, no discernment (that’s for Virgo, Pisces opposite), all races, creed, color, textures, and patterns. Have you ever paid attention to Rihanna’s style? Pisces. Polka dots, stripes, solids, florals, neons, all of it. In Pisces, we accept every possibility, give importance to our dreams and our imagination, where we discover the boundless limits of the universe, and where we are brave to be an artist. Pisces season is about getting lost in the process of life, letting our spirit and imagination shine, and where we are empathic to the pain of the world and are learning that forgiveness is what matters most. Pisces season is when you want to feel your way into a color–to move out of your comfort zone and to commune with your soul.

    1. Mural Mural on the Wall

      The New Moon in your sign on February 23 + the Full Moon in Virgo, your opposite sign on March 9, signifies a rebirth. Mercury Retrograde has spent nearly the last month in your sign, gifting you clarity about ideas, dreams, goals, and even fine-tuning your savvy intuition. February 20 is a day full of synchronicity! This season, your season, means putting your best qualities first.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Mural Mural on the Wall

      Complete me color.​ Alluring, sensual, light enough. What more could you want in a color companion? You probably own this color already, if not, then you’re welcome.

      Love: ​Venus entering Taurus on March 4 ignites your poetic prose, share it with others! The New Moon on February 23 makes you feel loved, but only when you’re being yourself and not other’s expectations of you.
      Career: ​at heart, you’re an entrepreneur; it’s time you start owning it! February 20 is ideal for streamlining your vision into something more tangible.

      Money:​ Your finances are flowing nicely the first two weeks of this season, on March 4 when Venus moves into Taurus, you’ll want to start saving!


    2. Berlin There Done That

      The first two weeks of this season, you’re still on fire with Venus in your sign. Although you still need a little more downtime than you’re giving yourself. The New Moon on February 23 would be ideal for planning a short retreat or getaway. Post-March 4, you should be feeling revived and focused again!


      ​A little more taupe than you like but still comfortable. This is your money color this season!

      Love: ​You’re still passionate and willing to chase love, but after March 4, you won’t feel as restless. This season is about giving yourself some TLC.

      Career: ​The Full Moon on March 9 creates a ripple in your plan that ends up being for the best. Trust how far you come and be flexible when you need to be.

      Money: ​During the second two weeks of this season, you’re golden. Savor every moment of what a quality life means to you.



    3. My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

      March 9 might be save the date-worthy. Plan to be spontaneous and open! This season promises to be an exciting one, with Mercury waking up in your career sector and Venus entering your sign on March 4–it’s quality or nothing for you!

      SHOP THE SHADE:My Chihuahua Doesn’t Bite Anymore

      Remedy color.​ ​Vibrant, alive, open, and spontaneous. This vibrant red makes your heart skip a beat.

      Love: ​March 9 is one of your most exciting days to stay open to new possibilities in love! If already with someone, then plan to do something last minute. Trying to keep things safe and secure will no longer make you comfortable!

      Career: ​Mercury goes direct on March 9, which throws your plan out the window, but also gifts you new opportunities you couldn’t have for seen coming.

      Money: ​You are doing enough. YOu are enough. You deserve plenty. Venus moving into your sign on March 9, is financially lucrative, especially when you’re willing to invest and save differently than you have.



    4. I Am What I Amethyst

      ​Who you are to the world becomes the focal point for you this season. Your planet, Mercury goes direct on March 16, so stay open to receiving news! News that can either allow you to change plans or alter your viewpoint for the best. Information is your vice, so be thankful you’re getting clarity.

      SHOP THE SHADE: I Am What I Amethyst

      Complete me color.​ ​Maybe you hadn’t pictured a soft sky blue, but pastel is where you’re minds at. Tranquil, comfortable, comforting is what you need.

      Love: ​Beneath your friendly and easy-going facade, you’re just longing for that stable and deep connection. After March 4, you feel grounded confident enough say yes.

      Career: ​The New Moon on February 23, graces you with accolades. The Full Moon on March 9 says, don’t spend too much mental energy about what’s happening outside of work.

      Money: ​You’re practicing how to receive more of it.



    5. Mi Casa Es Blue Casa

      Moonchild, you’re linked to the Moon more than most, but the Moon this season is positively linking you to your thoughts and ideas about life. The New Moon on February 23 is particularly astucious as it’s in fellow water sign Pisces, flooding your mind with new insight.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Mi Casa Es Blue Casa

      Complete me color.​ ​You love a deep and penetrating blue that seems as if it feels as deeply as you do.

      Love: ​To you, a lover is a friend, a confidant, and can help make your dreams come true. After March 4, expect your love life to become more fruitful.

      Career: ​Success and happiness are dependant upon your mind and confidence, and feeling qualified are what support your career most this season.

      Money:​ Finacial flow is getting better thanks to Mercury Retrograde enticing you to deal with debt and to spend more wisely.



    6. A Great Opera-tunity

      The New Moon lights up your deepest desires. Not that you weren’t passionate enough, but pay attention to what needs more of your attention. Others are willing to

      support you when you let them. Mercury retrograde opposes you, challenging you even to communicate more.

      SHOP THE SHADE: A Great Opera-tunity

      ​Complete me color.​ ​You love nudes, but when you do color, you tend to lean towards warm; after all, you are ruled by the Sun.

      Love: ​Dreamy, lustful, but not without communication. After March 4, work might become center stage, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect your private life.

      Career: ​Post-March 4, you have Venus to thank for all the attention you’re getting. Focus on quality rather than flattery.

      Money: ​Digging deeper might lead to some hidden financial discoveries. Spend some time seeing if you haven’t hidden some away.



    7. VIVA OPI

      The Full Moon in your sign on March 9 nudges you to let go of your overly critical ways and to ease into the flow of life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, also goes direct that day, so give yourself a little room to adjust to the unknowns. This season is about trusting yourself more.

      SHOP THE SHADE: ¡Viva OPI!

      Remedy color.​ ​Although you wouldn’t oppose to red, this hue will push you positively outside of your comfort zone. You’re welcome.

      Love: ​Your love life gets a big boost with the New Moon opposite your sign on February 23 and well into March. Traveling with your partner will bring you closer. If single, you’re intrigued by someone from another country.

      Career: ​Now’s not the time to focus on work. There are other things worth investing your time in, like your latent talents.

      Money: ​A settlement, publishing, and traveling for work all bring financial gains now.


    8. Black Cherry Chutney

      The New and Full Moons this season are aligning you to a better lifestyle. The New Moon on February 23 would be ideal to start a healthier routine or to change up an aspect of your diet. Mercury going direct makes things exciting and more playful!


      Remedy color.​ ​Darker than you prefer, this titillating read inspires you to experiment with the right kind of balance.

      Love: ​Venus, your ruling planet, makes things way more sensual after March 4. Make massages a priority.

      Career: ​After February 23, finding a new job or more creative fulfillment with your current one will make your work more exciting.

      Money: ​Investing long term in your future is well worth the reward.




    9. Suzi Needs a Loch-smith

      Sometimes, enjoying life is the most beneficial thing that you can do, and this season is about escaping into your talents and indulging a bit. The New Moon on February 23 is knocking on your door, are you willing to open it?

      SHOP THE SHADE: Suzi Needs a Loch-smith

      Complete me color.​ ​Orange is one of your secret go-to’s. It’s intense, reliable, and bold, just like you.

      Love: ​Venus moving into Taurus opposite your sign on March 4 looks very sexy.

      Career: ​The Full Moon on March 9 says to focus more on your talent than the strategy itself.

      Money: ​Your finances get better when you’re investing in partnerships and collaborating.


    10. Hue is the Artist?

      For you, Mercury Retrograde waking up on March 9 will bring you clarity about your life purpose. The New Moon on February 23 brings a focus to your home that will help you find a better work balance.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Hue is the Artist?

      Remedy color.​ ​You like shocking, so sure this isn’t as pink as you’d like, but it’s an excellent start. It’s gentle and receptive and gifts you better balance.

      Love: ​You fall in love with your work, and that leads to greater fulfillment in your relationship. If single, be open to dating a co-worker.

      Career: ​The Full Moon on March 9 is about letting go of how you’re perceived so that the sky’s the limit.

      Money: ​Managing your time will allow you to make more money.



    11. Mariachi Makes My Day

      ​Be open to a last-minute trip with the Full Moon, and on the New Moon, stay open even when things aren’t working in your favor–it will change your circumstances for the best. After March 5, life gets more exciting and sensual.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Mariachi Makes My Day

      Remedy color.​ ​If not, now then when? Think of this as your prescription to what’s been an otherwise trying time.

      Love: ​You actually make time for romance, and it works out in your favor.

      Career: ​The New Moon helps you to have better communication at work. Better communication leads to a raise.

      Money: ​You earn more when you are creatively strategizing ways to make things better and more quality. You also enjoy spending money as much as you enjoy making it this season.



    12. Chopstix and Stones

      Home is a place that holds you, that shelters you from life’s drama, and that is worthy of investing your time and energy. The New and Full Moons are stirring your relationship to security and what it truly means to you. Post-March 4 Venus will challenge you to lay low. Mercury going direct in your sign on March 9, jolts you into a different state of mind.

      SHOP THE SHADE: Chopstix and Stones

      ​Complete me color. ​Comforting, deep, perfectly content. This deep soothing hue fits like a glove.

      Love: ​March inspires deeper intimacy, especially with the Full Moon inspiring you to let go of rigidity and unnecessary boundaries.

      Career: ​The New Moon on February 23 helps you to ask for that raise or to land a new job. Just ask for what you deserve instead of settling!

      Money: ​More of it, when you trust that you can have as much of it as you dream possible!

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