Pro Spotlight: Karina Urias Zavala and the OPI Mexico City Collection

OPI Mexico City Collection Nail Artist Karina Urias Zavala
  • OPI Mexico City Collection Nail Artist Karina Urias Zavala

    ICYMI, our spring 2020 collection is here and it’s inspired by a city that’s all about its art: Mexico City. Everywhere you look, you can find color pouring down the streets and murals blanketing the walls, so we knew we had to collab with a nail artist whose vibe is very much that.

    Meet Karina Urias Zavala, Mexico City’s very own nail muralist. Like many artists in Mexico City, she creates murals that channel the city’s electric energy, but instead, her canvas is the nail.

    Just like her hometown, her work is vibrant and fun, but what really makes her stand out is how she injects emotion into her work. “As an artist, you want to convey many emotions, or you want to convey in the nails of your clients, your inspiration,” she said of the many murals she creates.

    Growing up, Karina was surrounded by art. Her brother Raul Urias is a muralist of his own kind. Instead of nails, he can be found creating intricate digital illustrations and transforming neighborhoods with beautiful works of street art, like the mural he created in the heart of Mexico City with our shades.

    The mural, with its fun and vibrant nature, inspired Karina to create tiny murals on her hands. In both the mural and her nail art, you can find hints of the monarch butterfly – a symbol of Mexico – and color that represents the city’s rich culture and history.

    “I think the colors in this collection leave you with a strong impression of our Mexican roots because Mexico is lively with colors.”

    And when she’s not painting her way through our collection, you can find her helping out women in need. “I’ve given courses in nail application to women who are in difficult financial situations. I help give them a weapon, with which they can advance themselves and their families.”

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