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    Meet Mimi D, also known as @nailsbymimi on Instagram! We got the chance to speak with Mimi on her career in the nail industry, where she gets her inspiration from, and how business has changed because of COVID-19.

    1. Nail Art by @nailsbymimi

      OPI: What’s your favorite OPI system to work with and why?

      MD: I love lacquer when I’m on set and gel for my clients and press on sets.

      OPI: How did you begin your career in the nail industry?

      MD: I’ve always loved to paint and color started out by painting my nails as a way to relax. From there, I started practicing designs I saw on Tumblr. After a few weeks, I decided to go to nail school and 9 years later here I am working on set.

      OPI: As an award-winning manicurist, you work with a lot of celebrities and editorial shoots. Can you share any advice about working on set?

      MD: Be on time. Be flexible because things can change in an instant. Have fun!

      OPI: Are you still seeing clients since COVID-19? How has your business changed since the pandemic?

      MD: I’m not seeing any clients at the moment. I begin holding seminars and teaching nail art classes digitally and I started making press on sets. Business has changed tremendously. Especially when it comes to being on set. Before COVID I would stay on set all day. Now with the restrictions of how many people can be on set, I do half days.

      OPI: Can you explain your nail art process? Where do you get inspiration from?

      MD: I typically inspired by patterns or colors. From there I like to color match the inspiration to shades that I have in my polish collection. Then I take what I see and put it on a nail. Sometimes I get it on the first try. Other times it takes a few tries. After I’ve mastered the look a few times, I like to change the colors to see if I like the pattern in different shades.

    2. Nail Art by @nailsbymimi

      OPI: The holiday season is here. What shades/ designs are you loving this season? Any particular look for Thanksgiving nails?

      MD: Growing up in Virginia, my favorite season was fall. I love to see the leaves change colors. Naturally, my favorite shades for Thanksgiving are olive and deep greens, burnt orange, crimson and other reds, and mustard yellow.

      OPI: What’s one thing you want others to know about the nail industry?

      MD: It’s a wonderful community with lots of artists and manicurists.

      OPI: You’ve been posting educational classes on IG. Do you have any tips on making video content?

      MD: Plan, write everything out, and practice what you’re going to say.

      OPI: With years of experience in the salon and on set is there something you still struggle with?

      MD: Imposter syndrome.

      OPI: Are you still learning new things?

      MD: I’m always learning new things. Whether it’s about myself or nails related. I think it’s important to always grow and be willing to learn.

      OPI: We just released our Shine Bright Holiday Collection! What do you love about this collection?

      MD: I love that this collection builds on the fall collection. All I can think about is taking a cream shade from the fall collection and topping it with glitter from this collection.

      OPI: Does anything stand out?

      MD: I absolutely love Halo There. There’s something so simple and perfect about a silver holographic polish that adds just the right amount of sparkle to any look.

    3. Follow Mimi, @nailsbymimi, on Instagram for some serious nail art goals. Be sure to follow us @OPI_Professionals and stay tuned for more Pro Spotlights coming soon.

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