Pro Tips: Health & Wellness Tips for Nail Pros

Wellness Tips for Nail Pros
  • Wellness Tips for Nail Pros

    No matter what industry you're in or what you do for a living, it's always so important to take care of yourself while you work. As nail professionals, it can be easy to let the day pass because you're busy working only to realize you haven't taken one minute to care for yourself. We're sharing five simple ways to maintain your health and wellness throughout the day so you can be your best self.

    1. Wellness Tips for Nail Pros

      1. Pack healthy snacks. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy day at the salon when you have back to back clients. Then you realize its 4:00 pm, you skipped breakfast that morning and didn’t have time for lunch. Keep your energy high and blood sugar level balanced by taking a few minutes to prepare healthy snacks likes trail mix, nutrition bars or vegetables with hummus dip. This will also help you avoid binging on a not so healthy dinner that night.

      2. Take time to stretch. You spend all day making your clients look and feel great, but some days you get home feeling anything but. Taking the time to check in with your body by doing a few quick stretches could save you a lot of aches and pains or even more serious injuries that could lead to long term issues. When you have a free moment in between clients, try doing a spinal twist by sitting at your chair with your feet facing forward and twisting your torso from one side to another. Try making it a habit to start and end your day by stretching out your hands and wrists.

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    2. Wellness Tips for Nail Pros

      3. Drink up. Water of course! Staying hydrated is another important way to stay healthy, but can easily be overlooked on busy days. Try buying a reusable tumbler and fill it with water at the beginning of each day. Make it your goal to drink all of the water before you leave the salon. If it’s hard for you to drink plain water, add natural flavors like lemon juice or sliced cucumbers.

      4. Get outside. If you find yourself with 20 to 30 minutes of downtime, use it as an opportunity to get some fresh air. Go for a short walk or just bask in the sun and enjoy the much-needed dose of vitamin D.

      5. Be positive. Everyone has their days where they feel less motivated or burnt out. If you find yourself in this rut, remind yourself about what made you want to become a nail professional and how lucky you are to have a career that you love.

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