Pro Tips: How to Clean Manicure Tools & Use Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant for Proper Salon Sanitation

OPI Pro Tips: Spa Complete for Proper Salon Sanitation
  • OPI Pro Tips: Spa Complete for Proper Salon Sanitation

    Sanitation is at the heart of what nail pros and salon owners do on a daily basis, but we also know that following proper protocol around sanitation today is more important than ever. We asked nail pro and online nail education expert, Hilary Dawn Herrera, what her top tips are for ensuring proper sanitation when working with Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant including how to clean manicure tools. Read on, and watch the video below to learn about Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant, as well as get tips and advice to help you learn how to properly disinfect your salon.

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    Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectants:

    If you aren’t familiar with Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectants, they are one-step, hospital grade, EPA registered disinfectant cleaners effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, mildew, and odors. It can be used to disinfect both non-porous surfaces and tools.

    Looking for more information on decontamination terminology and proper usage of sanitation products? Read our sanitation guidelines for salons and nail professionals below.

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    1. How to Use OPI Spa Complete


      Once you have your Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant on hand, Hilary suggests referring to the main instructions on the back of the label, and that you’ll need a measuring cup to get started. Step 1 includes general cleaning of surfaces, tools, and pedi spas so that the disinfectant can properly make contact. Use soap, water, and cleaning brushes to start.

      For surfaces, Hilary shares that the proper ratio includes 1 gallon of water (128 ounces) to 1 ounce of Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant. This ratio can be broken down into half and quarter gallons as well depending on the disinfecting container size that you start with.

      How to Clean Manicure Tools:

      For tools, the ratio of Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant is doubled compared to surface disinfection. Use 1 gallon of water to 2 ounces of Spa Complete for proper sanitation of tools and implements. Ensure all tools are fully submerged in the solution and that a strict time frame of 10 minutes is adhered to for soaking. Be sure to rinse, dry, and store clean too as Hilary mentions!

      For pedi bowls, Hilary notes that you should first ensure you know just how much water your pedicure bowl can hold, as this will help determine the ratio to follow with adding Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant. Start with a scrub to clear out any debris, then add 1 ounce (1 pump) of Hospital Grade EPA Disinfectant per gallon of water that your pedicure bowl allows. Allow the solution to soak (or run the jets if you have them) for a minimum of 10 minutes to let it circulate and sanitize properly. Then drain and rinse!

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    2. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or advice @OPI_Professionals, head to our OPI Pro YouTube channel for inspiration, or visit us online to review OPI protocol and education courses.

      Service Education Courses

      We put together a helpful guide that features tools on how to communicate increased sanitation protocols, and how you should be operating during this time. Click the link below to access the complete guide.

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