Pro Tips: Surviving State Inspection

OPI Pro Tips: Surviving State Inspections
  • OPI Pro Tips: Surviving State Inspections

    It’s that time of year again! Are you ready? You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This stands with guests AND inspectors. Let’s go over the main things to look for and how to always stay up to date with rules and regulations all year round. This will guarantee an A+ visit every time.

    You hold the key to a trustworthy relationship by displaying and using great Sanitation methods that will instantly exude cleanliness. In fact, as educators the very FIRST thing we do is start every service using OPIs Liquid Blue Soap or Swiss Hand Guard. It protects the guest and YOURSELF.

    We all know the 3 rules of thumb and fingers (pun intended): Sterilization, Disinfection and Sanitation. Let’s refresh on the 3 important factors Inspectors look for and what they mean.

    SANITATION Reduces the number of harmful organisms to a safe level basic level of decontamination.

    DISINFECTION Kills the microorganisms: It’s the highest practical level of decontamination.

    STERILIZATION Destruction of ALL living organisms on an object or non-living surface that are impractical and unnecessary in a salon environment.

    Top violations and how to avoid them:

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      Disinfect instruments in an EPA-registered disinfectant solution.

      Rinse in plain water when finished. 

      Keep disinfectant solution covered and change disinfectant when it is cloudy, contains debris, or according to the manufacturer's instructions.

      Store all labeled "Dirty," "Soiled," or "Contaminated" implements in containers. Store all "Clean" or "Disinfected" implements in a separate container.

      Looking for more information on proper salon sanitation? Our OPI Professionals Service Education course outlines step-by-steps and has video content and quizzes to up your nail knowledge.

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      When disinfecting tools, ensure there is enough disinfectant solution in the container to allow for the total immersion of tools. If tools do not completely fit in the container (example: handle of a brush sticks out), use a different container.

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      After use on a single client, immediately dispose of tools and supplies that cannot be disinfected:

      Disposable 1x use File, Expert Touch Nail Wipes, Expert Touch Table Towel, Toe Separators

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      Conspicuously post individual licenses at the licensee's primary workstation.

      Conspicuously post the establishment license in the reception area.

      Do not display an expired or invalid license.

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      For whirlpool foot spas, a record shall be made on the department-approved form of date and time of each cleaning and disinfecting indicating whether the cleaning was a daily or bi-weekly cleaning.

      State Board Inspections keep everyone on the same page with rules and regulations. That keeps our environment safe not only for our guests but for ourselves. Embrace it by doing monthly checks to make you feel at ease all year round.

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