Pro Tips: Upgrading the Experience for Enhancing Mani/Pedi Services

OPI, OPI ProSpa, Pedicures, Pedicure, Salon, Nail Salon, Nail Professional
  • OPI, OPI ProSpa, Pedicures, Pedicure, Salon, Nail Salon, Nail Professional

    We know that all manicure and pedicure services start and finish with skincare products like a scrub or a lotion. But how often do we talk about the products we’re using with our clients? If you had an amazing skincare line that is proven to work, would that make you more likely to talk about it with your clients?  If you want to provide better services, you need better mani/pedi products combined with enhanced service offerings. That’s where OPI ProSpa products and services come in, read the blog to find out more.

    OPI ProSpa isn’t only providing nail professionals with quality products inspired by facial skincare. OPI has also developed 6 new manicure and pedicure services to help you transform your client’s hands, feet, and expectations. We know there is not one type of service that can meet every client’s needs, which is why the new OPI ProSpa service offerings are tiered to range from quick yet effective to indulgent relaxation. Each service provides a different level of skincare treatments, but of course, can be customized with added “beauty boosts.” However, a premium manicure and pedicure service can only be complete with a memorable massage, which is why OPI also developed the OPI ProSpa massage in every service. This massage takes a holistic approach to relieve the client’s tension and stress through Swedish massage techniques combined with acupressure. The duration of the massage can be customized depending on the level of service or your client’s timing needs.

    1. OPI ProSpa Hands & Feet Skincare


      OPI has a crafted an easy to follow protocol that will transform your manicure and pedicure service into an extraordinary experience by using a variety of techniques including effleurage, kneading, and acupressure. It’s important not to rush through the massage, because this may become the primary reason that clients come back to see you. How often do you hear a client say, “this is my favorite part” when you start the massage during a manicure or pedicure? The techniques used in the massage are the same for express, signature, and pamper services, but can be customized by the duration of the service. For example, you may condense the massage to 2 to 3 minutes for an Express manicure or pedicure, but increase that time to 5 to 7 minutes for Signature and Pamper services. Regardless of the duration, following the OPI ProSpa Massage step-by-step will create a point of difference in your service.

      Our OPI Professionals Service Education content contains OPI ProSpa courses, step-by-steps, class quizzes and more.

      Before beginning the massage on a client, make sure to check the following:

      -Ask your client if she has any problems with her feet requiring special attention or consideration. Do not perform the massage if the client is diabetic, has high blood pressure, varicose veins, or phlebitis.

      -Do not perform acupressure techniques on clients that are pregnant as this can induce labor.

      -Be sure the client’s entire leg is supported during the massage, particularly the ankle and knees.

      -Maintain contact throughout the massage.

    2. OPI ProSpa Hands & Feet Skincare


      Would you agree that it’s your duty as nail professionals to recommend the proper services to meet your client’s needs? This should be the same approach when it comes to retailing products to clients, but too many nail professionals are missing out on this important opportunity.  Now that you have a quality line to offer with OPI ProSpa, it makes retailing products so easy. To effectively retail OPI ProSpa, start by investing in 5 to 10 sets of products that have unique benefits and are practical for at-home use.

      We recommend retailing the following OPI ProSpa products:

      Nail & Cuticle Oil To GoMicro-Exfoliating Hand PolishProtective Hand SerumMoisture Bonding Ceramide Spray.

      These products have unique benefits like helping fight the signs of aging on their hands before they start, but are also easy to use at home for continued treatment. Starting with a compact lineup will keep you focused on the overall product benefits and also avoid feeling overwhelmed because you have too many products to talk about.

      You might think that product retail isn’t for you because you hate feeling like a pushy salesperson. This is why it’s important to get behind a brand with products that work and you believe in because then you are not pushing the product but rather providing a recommendation for something you feel strongly about. Clients come to you because they value the services you offer. They trust your expert opinion and chances are they will trust your recommendation for products to keep the skin on their hands and feet looking polished.

      Retail Tip: Always follow up with your clients about the products they purchased on their next visit. If you have a client database, make a note of any products they purchased or seemed interested in, but not ready to purchase. Review these notes before their next appointment.

    3. OPI ProSpa Hands & Feet Skincare


      Consider your salon’s environment for a moment. Is it a busy and bustling atmosphere or it is calm and spa-like? Determine what type of energy you want to create or maintain in order to provide an elevated experience. This doesn’t mean you need to overhaul your salon décor or completely turn off the fun, social environment, especially if that’s one of the reasons why your clients keep coming back. But there are a few practical ways to enhance your client’s experience without having to invest in a salon makeover.

      -Invest in new, plush spa towels. Toss out any old, rough towels or use them for cleaning.

      -Soften the lighting for spa services by using a dimmer or switch out any fluorescent bulbs to warm, incandescent bulbs for a softer, spa-like environment.

      -Create a playlist with slower-paced music to help your clients relax during pedicures.

      -Plug in an aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils that promote relaxation such as lavender & chamomile.

      -Offer natural beverages like cucumber lemon water or herbal tea.

      -Provide your pedicure clients with a soft throw and pillow to feel cozy during the service.

      What tips do you have for upgrading the mani/pedi experience for your clients? Share them with us on Twitter @opi_products and use the hashtag #OPIProSpa.

    Written by Lindsay Perez -