Pro Tips: Year Round Pedicures for Increased Profitability

I hear excuses all of the time in classes, salons and online forums where nail professionals excuse their lack of business during certain times of the year. “No one wants a pedicure in the winter.” Or, “Clients never think about their pedicures during the holidays”...  LIES!

As we make our way into fall and winter, I want to remind all pros that pedicures DO provide year-round business - especially when you are offering services that no one else does.

I am talking about using high-quality products to increase your revenue & stay busy.  Winter skin can be dry, cracked and sore. There is nothing like soaking in a warm foot bath, getting all the rough and tough skin exfoliated and massaged, and then leaving with beautifully polished toes that last. In the winter (especially here in Colorado) our feet and legs are stuck in layers of socks, long underwear, and boots. We put our boots on early in the morning to go scrape our windshield and don't take them off until we are done unloading the groceries at night. The socks stay on until jumping into a hot bath or shower. I am the only person who sees my feet during these months. After a long day of staying bundled up, I look down, see my pretty toes, and it is sweet! It makes me smile. After a cold dreary day, the lack of vegetation, sun or warmth can alter our mood. But once those socks come off and I see a beautiful color beaming up at me from my toes, my mood changes. Color inspires - and it shouldn't stop just because of the weather. 

When your pedicure game is strong, your clients will have a reason to return regardless of the season. By offering quality products and services, you are keeping them engaged and eager for pampering. Here are a few tips for keeping your pedicure business strong in the winter months.

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    Offer quality time and service. Using high-quality products like OPI’s new ProSpa pedicure line will set your services apart from other salons.

    This new line has everything you need to do winter pedicures. From Exfoliating Sugar Scrub to a Soothing Moisture Mask, you can customize pedicures for the benefit of the client’s skin. Calluses can build up in the winter and lead to cracking, I recommend using OPI ProSpa Callus Softening Gel to break down the dead skin and speed up the filing process. Other products in the line include Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray and Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm, which enhance the service itself AND increase your retail opportunity. I use these types of products and charge accordingly, making sure that even if I do have cancellations due to weather, the services that I am doing are reaching all potential to maximize my ticket and retail totals. The other perk of this new line is that there are suggested tiers for Manicure and Pedicure services.

    Our OPI Professionals Service Education outlines courses, step-by-steps, and educational quizzes on OPI ProSpa and more!

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    I love having options when it comes to what I  offer in pedicures. Each of my clients has a preference on time or have a different amount of work needing to be done. By offering tiered services, I can focus on the individual needs of each client. Tiered services look something like these ProSpa protocols - Express, Signature and Pamper. Each service offers something different from basic needs to all over attention and luxurious pampering. Exfoliation, moisture bonding, and acupressure are some of the special features of the different products and techniques that clients love to experience. There is literally something for everyone. 

    Use a fast-drying color system. A SUPER important factor in winter pedicures? Polish! My two FAVORITE products to use in the winter to polish toes are OPI’s Infinite Shine and GelColor systems. 

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    It comes in unique color selections and OPI’s Iconic shades. It applies like a polish but performs like a gel. It dries faster than traditional lacquer but not quite as fast as a gel (it does not cure under a light). I charge $10 more for this service as it is long-lasting and is faster drying. I see fewer chips and wear with this product which is GREAT because wearing socks and boots all day can wear your polish faster.  

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    It comes in SO many colors!!! GelColor DOES need to be cured in a light but is pretty quick. 30 seconds per coat puts me at a total of 4 minutes of curing time-which isn't much at all. I do this service in about an hour and charge $15 more. It will dry immediately when you are finished curing so you don't have to worry about any smudges or feet being cold - your client can put her shoes on as soon as the service is over. Remember to prebook their next pedicure because this product requires professional removal. (See what I did there? set up my future business - NO excuses!)

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    No one else is going to give us a raise in this industry! We have to jump in and maximize where we can. For me, there is no room for error. I have a goal and will continue to aim straight for it. I use whatever tools it takes to run my business as smooth and effortless as possible. I make smart moves and choices when it comes product and service offerings. I know plenty of Nail Pros who anticipate a slow winter and over and over again talk about how this or that causes them to lose money. I don’t believe any of that! Pedicures are needed even more in the winter. Dry skin, bare toenails - I see a need and I address it. So get in there and use the best products for dry winter skin and vibrant happy toenails.