Pro Tips: You Better Shape Up! Shaping and Filing Tips & Tricks

OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing with Raven Hennington-Billberry
  • OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing with Raven Hennington-Billberry
    At OPI we want to make sure that salon owners, nail artists, and nail professionals are up-to-date on the latest trends and techniques when it comes to nail polish and nail technology. Raven Hennington-Billberry has been a trusted part of the OPI family since 2015, and she took a break from salon sessions as @NailsByRaven to share some of her favorite tips and tricks on how to shape and file tips for your clients. Read on for her tricks that will revolutionize your salon techniques!

    Today I'm going to touch on shaping and filing! Yay!! Who doesn't love a perfectly shaped nail, right?! It just looks great, and in my opinion, your clients love you more when their nails are all the way on point! Pun not intended, or was it?  Whether they are square, squoval, (square with soft edges), coffin, stiletto, squareletto, or ballerina (imagine a ballerina's toe shoes), lipstick (angled like a lipstick), round, or almond, the shape is important.

    1. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing

      All great lines and curves start with a good file. You want to make sure it has a decent amount grit on it to start out. I personally like the OPI Edge 240 or the Edge Silver 180/400 files.

    2. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing

      You want to file the sides first to start the shaping. I prefer to file the sides down and narrow them out a bit. Depending on the shape you're going for, you will go more or less narrow. For best results, I suggest that you file in one direction, thus lessening the fraying of the nail. Once you get the sides down, start on refining the tip to get your final shape.

      Looking for more information on how to shape nails? Our OPI Professionals site has Service Education courses on Nail Anatomy including how to shape nails properly.

    3. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing

      My absolute favorite nail shape is square, very square, with sharp edges. I tend to look at nails the way an architect views a blueprint. I'm all about the lines being clean!

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    4. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing

      I've also recently started a love affair with almond shaped nails. To make sure your shapes are symmetrical, you’ll have to move the clients hands and turn them around towards you. Make sure you move them a bit to inspect from different angles because everyone's nail beds are shaped differently, so you need to file accordingly.

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    5. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing

      After you file them to the desired shape, I like to run a buffer lightly around the edge just to make sure they are smooth. This removes any frayed edges, preventing snags.

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    6. OPI Pro Tips Shaping and Filing with Raven Hennington-Billberry

      Use these tips from Raven to offer that extra level of service and shaping to the clients in your salon! Looking for more tips and trends, or want to be featured? Tag us on Instagram and let us know what you are #OPIObsessed about.

      Raven has been licensed to do nails for 6 years and has worked with OPI for the past three years. Raven does the nails for numerous campaigns, as well as writing for our pro blog, and promoting the brand at PR events. She has worked on celebrities and the Hollywood elite including Vanessa Hudgens, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Kerry Washington, Jaime King, Paris Hilton, and more.

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