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Pro Tips: Debunking Myths About GelColor Manicures

With the recent launch of our new GelColor ProHealth Formula and bottle redesign, we can't wait for everyone to jump on the GelColor train!

Pro Tips: Debunking Myths About GelColor Manicures

If you are having some hesitations about using GelColor products or committing to this type of manicure, consider the below before you completely write it off. Jeany Perez, OPI Educator and Founder of Unity Nails debunks common misconceptions about GelColor manicures and why this might be the go-to system that's best for you. Read on for more information about gel manicures and tips for healthy nails.


Myth 2: "Gel Manicures Take Hours To Soak Off”

Myth 1: "Gel Manicures Take Hours To Soak Off”

Your time is valuable! The removal process is just as significant as the application. It is important to understand the proper technique designed for the removal process using the right support products to make the experience just as amazing and swift as the application. With our new and improved ProHealth Top and Base Coat, the molecules have been reformulated to break up even faster. It only takes 7 minutes! How awesome is that? Soak off in less than 10 minutes.
Pro Tips: Debunking Myths About GelColor Manicures

Myth 2: "LED Lights Are Harmful”

Can gel nails be cured without a UV light? There has been a huge improvement in gel technology. Many brands have converted to LED curing, which doesn't have scary UV side effects. Having an LED lamp with a set timer is key. Due to such a small amount of exposure, we can assure clients they are safe. OPI and LG collaborated and designed an elite OPI LED Light that is designed to fit all five fingers with plenty of space and very easy to use.


Pro Tips: Debunking Myths About GelColor Manicures

Myth 3: "You Can't Do Nail Art with Gel Manicures”

You absolutely can! Some of my best nail art has been created using GelColor. You can do all the nail art you desire without compromising creativity. In fact, OPI created Artist Series Design Gels that come in the perfect shades that will bring any design to light. There is an easy method called “Flash Curing” that I use to hold the GelColor in place while you design away. You use this method to secure the GelColor in place while making your magic and it gives you the freedom to create your design exactly the way you want until it’s time to cure. I use the Artist Series Brush Set that is crafted by OPI specifically for GelColor nail art. This dynamic duo will allow you to create all the gorgeous nail art you desire giving you that drenched and shiny finish for up to 14 days.