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Pro Tips: Upgrading Your Lacquer Clients to GelColor

Hey Salon Pros - if you’re looking for a way to earn an extra $5,000/year, try converting 10 of your lacquer users to GelColor loyalists!

Pro Tips: Upgrading Your Lacquer Clients to GelColor

Since GelColor is cured under an LED light, the process is quicker and your customer can be in and out of the salon with zero drying time. Explain the process with our educational tips below and save your lacquer customer additional time to get on with their day, and more time for you to get another customer in your chair!


Educate Your Client:

- Education is key in helping your customer gain the knowledge and confidence needed for a service upgrade to the system that’s right for her. OPI offers three different nail color systems to match your customer’s needs.

- If you notice your client picking up her usual bottle of lacquer, let her know she can enjoy her favorite OPI shade for even longer with either an Infinite Shine or GelColor service.

Briefly explain how each system works:

Infinite Shine is a 3-step professional system that applies and removes like lacquer, but lasts up to 10 days and cures under normal light.

GelColor is also a 3-step professional system, but lasts up to two weeks with high-shine and cures under an LED light. It requires professional removal to prevent nail damage.

Remind them about the longer-lasting shine and chip-free color benefits, which is why the service costs an additional 20% - 50% depending on the system.

Damage Concerns?

If your clients express concern about GelColor damaging their nails, let them know that improper removal is what can cause damage - not the GelColor itself. Suggest scheduling a follow-up appointment to properly soak them off in two weeks to avoid damage from picking or scraping.

If they don't seem ready to upgrade yet, encourage her to try it for an upcoming vacation or special event that will require a long-lasting and chip-free manicure.

By educating your customers and converting 10 lacquer users to Infinite Shine or GelColor users, you can increase your yearly salon profits!