Rescue Your Feet from the Summer Heat

Treat Your Feet
  • Treat Your Feet

    During the summer, your feet are more exposed to the elements than any other time of year. As the temperature rises and dips in the pool become more frequent, your feet become drier and may need extra attention between pedicures to combat problems like cracked heels. That's where OPI ProSpa comes in. Our line of at-home spa quality products are designed to give your feet the relief they're craving.

    Picture this: You arrive home from a day at the beach. Your sunscreen has faded, and your skin feels drier than usual. As you slip off your sandals, you notice that the heels of your feet look anything but beach-worthy. They're dry, brittle, and desperately in need of some TLC.

    As you unpack your beach bag, you remember that you have a pair of OPI ProSpa Advanced Softening Socks! You grab a glass of wine, turn on your favorite Netflix original, and prepare to end your day feeling satisfied and relaxed.

    Sounds good right?!

    1. OPI Pro Spa Advanced Softening Socks

      Not only is caring for your feet a way to pamper yourself but it’s also necessary to prevent the build-up of calluses from wearing sandals on the daily. Without proper care, you may notice peeling, and even cracking of the heels. Ouch. Don't worry, if cracked heels and dry feet are the victims in this scenario, a pair of OPI ProSpa Advanced Softening Socks are the hero! While there are many OPI ProSpa products designed to help your feet look and feel their best, our foot mask is an absolute must-have for your home spa collection.

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    2. Treat Your Feet

      The single-use socks are pre-filled with soothing and moisturizing macadamia and coconut oils. They also include Vitamin E and shea butter to nourish your feet leaving them feeling hydrated and softer than ever. The best part? You can completely relax while you're using them. There's no scrubbing or rinsing involved at all. For best results, pour yourself a chilled beverage of your choice, wrap up in a comfy bathrobe, grab a towel, and settle in on the couch. Keep a magazine, your summer read, or your TV remote nearby.

    3. #OPIProSpa

      Open your single-use OPI ProSpa Advanced Softening Socks and wrap each foot in a nutrient-packed mask. Gently pull back the front of each mask to let your toes breathe. Keep the softening socks on for 20-30 minutes while you ignore your phone and enjoy some time for yourself. After you remove the softening socks, gently massage the remaining serum into the skin. Your foot rescue is complete, but sip your drink and ignore your phone a bit longer, the world can wait.

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      So, the next time your feet are silently crying out for a little TLC, don't ignore them! Be a hero and get your hands on OPI ProSpa Advanced Softening Socks.

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