Sagittarius Season: December Horoscopes

Sagittarius Season: December Horoscopes
  • Sagittarius Season: December Horoscopes

    Welcome to Sun in Sagittarius! Sagittarius is a very gregarious and gleeful zodiac sign, and as we journey through the month, keep it adventurous by doing something outside of your regular routine.

    Restlessness can definitely arise this season as we are gearing up for the holidays and the New Year so make sure that you’re spending plenty of time outdoors. Weather not permitting? Trying a new class or studying a new course are also great ways to honor the energetic vibe this month. Sagittarius is ruled by the Jupiter which is known to be a bringer of luck, good energy, and expansion. Take on a perspective of optimism as we journey through Sagittarius, and book those plane tickets or try that teacher training!

    1. Berlin There Done That

      Happy birthday Sagittarius! This month, let career goals and success take center stage. You may find yourself faced with too many great opportunities, always a good problem to have!

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    2. Ginger's Revenge

      Get social this month Capricorn! Especially if work has taken up all of your energy - arrange a get together with a new group of friends or go to a networking event.

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    3. Dreams Need Clara-fication

      Meditation and calm energy color your month Aquarius. If you've never tried to meditate, this journey through Sagittarius is a great time to begin!


    4. Kyoto Pearl

      New beginnings and fresh energy color your month Pisces, try donning a new OPI color or revamp your look to keep it fresh and fun!

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    5. Cha-Ching Cherry

      Money on your mind! Make a purchase you've been saving for or start budgeting to treat yourself later. The choice is yours Aries!

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    6. Eternally Turquoise

      Short-distance travel, adventure and self-expression color your month. Where will you go, what will you say and who will you go with?

      Shop the Shade: Eternally Turquoise

    7. Humidi-Tea

      Get cozy and nest this month Gemini, your theme is #selfcare. Spend a few hours and do a little home makeover or organizing and reap the rewards of relaxation.

      Shop the Shade: Humidi-Tea

    8. Smok'n In Havana

      Get out and have some fun this month Cancer! Do something creative, romantic, and most important, silly!

      Shop the Shade: Smok'n in Havana

    9. Bee Mine Forever

      A focus on your health and wellbeing takes center stage this month Leo. Try a new exercise class or do some light yoga!

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    10. I Pull The Strings

      Take your significant other out to dinner or spend the night in with someone you love pouring over a puzzle (with pizza of course). If you're single, practice being adored and take yourself on a date!

      Shop the Shade: I Pull The Strings

    11. It's Pink P.M.

      Meditate and slow down this month Libra. Find the little moments to pamper yourself. Do some journaling or spend some time in nature if you've been feeling overwhelmed!

      Shop the Shade: It's Pink P.M.

    12. La Paz-itively Hot

      Get adventurous this month Scorpio, try something new or out of the ordinary. If you are feeling the itch to travel, this is your sign!

      Shop the Shade: La Paz-itively Hot

    13. Sagittarius Season: December Horoscopes

      Sagittarius Season is the time to try out new nail shades and embrace the last month of 2018! Talk about the perfect excuse to try our limited collection that celebrates Disney’s Nutcracker and the Four Realms.

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    Written by Natalia Benson -