Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA

Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
    Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
    Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
    Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
    Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI
  • Salon Spotlight: Nailbox LA - The Drop Blog by OPI

    We have a new obsession in Los Angeles, a salon called Nailbox LA and it's located in the trendy Arts District. Not only is the interior of this salon super chic, but they have a big focus on consumer and nail tech education. We sat down with the owners of Nailbox to learn more about their inspiration for the salon and what makes it different, as well as some of their favorite OPI Products. 


    OPI: Tell us about your background in the salon and nail industries. How did Nailbox come about?

    Nailbox LA: We teamed up with industry expert and longtime friend Suzie who came on board as our consultant. She has had over 12 years in the industry as a technician and manager as well as has a creative background in fashion.


    OPI: What inspired you to open your own salon?

    Nailbox LA: My wife has always loved getting her nails done and as a client felt there were a lot of important elements missing. She didn’t feel educated on the product that was being used, instead felt rushed and pressured. The lack of customer service was high and thought why not create something that is more custom built from services to décor, product education, along with being customer service focused -  how great it would be​ to integrate all these services and needs into one place - and that is how Nailbox was born.


    OPI: What makes Nailbox different than other salons?

    Nailbox LA: Nailbox is a studio that allows you to tap into your sense of touch, smell, sound​ to make one feel they are entering a creative space​ while getting their nails done.

    ​Each pedicure chair was custom built with comfort, functionality and design in mind. Our copper pedicure bowls are not just pretty, but include a ton of health benefits like promoting healthy circulation. Our spa products are not only organic - but smell devine.

    We strive to create the best breathing environment possible ​for both technician and client by not including products with harsh chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. We designed a live wall to purify the air and leveled up with an industrial size air purifying machine

    Aside from the pretty manicures and pedicures, Nailbox focuses on customer service as well as educating and providing nail care to clients. We care about our clients and reflect it in our work. We don't try to sell anything that the customer doesn't need - instead we focus on maximizing their experience. ​

    Being open and transparent about our sterilization process is also important to us. Files, buffs, pumice stones are thrown away or given to the client to take home after each individual service. Our open space is designed for our clients to witness how we control a clean environment.


    OPI: What are some of the services you provide?

    Nailbox LA: We have a few different services...Basic Manicure/Pedicures which we call "Nailbox Signature." Organic services with the option of Vegan Polish. Gel services with all the colors in the rainbow and more. Spa services for extra pampering - which we use all organic products.


    OPI: Do you require that your nail technicians go through a specific training?

    Yes, we absolutely do. We want to make sure a client has consistent service each time they come regardless of who it is with. Our technicians are never done training, instead they strive to learn new techniques every day. We want to make sure they are knowledgeable of all products being used in the store so they are able suggest and educate client. We try to promote our technicians to attend classes they find interesting and fun so they can come back and see how they can continue to excel in their field.


    OPI: Do you upsell to your clients? Can you give up and coming salon owners some helpful tips on how to successfully upsell their services?

    Nailbox LA: We strive to always be attentive by suggesting services based on what the client is looking for. We start by introducing our different types of polishes then move onto color consultation as well as ask about what their daily activities are like and suggest accordingly. OPI Infinite Shine has been a hit at our salon. We found that when you educate the client on the benefits of the polish they have no issues paying the extra price

    The "upsell" happens during the service by mentioning or pointing out care that might be needed - such as a paraffin mask for dry skin and cuticles or a nail rescue treatment for brittle nails. We present the service by informing client what it’s all about and how the service works.


    OPI: What do you value most in a salon experience?

    ​Nailbox LA: Attentiveness - that the technician makes me feel comfortable enough to ask questions, or speak up if I'm not happy/happy about a service - and that they are kindly willing to make any changes that I may need if necessary. ​ A clean environment is also very important, knowing that a salon goes the extra step to provide a sanitary environment.


    OPI: Tell us how you feel about proper nail care and product knowledge in the salon.

    ​It is very important in our salon. We have had many experiences where a tech would not be able to explain a specific service, or product - making us feel uncomfortable about paying for a service we did not fully understand.

    Nailbox provides consultations during service. Such as, ​how to care for lacquer/​gel nails, gel nail removal, cuticle care, how often you need to give your nails a break. How to do at home treatments in between visits. Which spa services best fit your needs. How often you should be visiting a salon​


    OPI: Do you utilize social media to advertise your salon?

    We're currently on Instagram​ as @nailboxla. ​We understand the importance of social media and have been looking to grow our presence organically by focusing on growth within the Arts District and making sure our customers are extremely satisfied at home. We believe this in itself will help promote our business as our customers share their positive experience on social media.


    OPI: This is a great location, why did you choose the Arts District?

    Nailbox LA: Not only do we love the Arts District and the community, but we saw a need and we moved on it. This area has been quickly growing into a hot spot and we were lucky to be the first ones here! We wanted to be in an area where customers would understand and appreciate our vision. We couldn't have asked for a better location.​


    OPI: What was your inspiration for the design of the salon?

    Nailbox LA: We wanted to make a creative space that was aesthetically enjoyable, but we also wanted to keep our technicians in mind when building the salon. Technicians are artists, and artists need inspiration. We encourage our girls to use the space to be inspired, to create art on tiny canvases.​

    OPI:  Do you have any tips for up and coming salon owners?

    Focus on clients needs and update services. Provide and promote new items to customers to stay relevant and on trend. Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Have a vision and execute while always keeping customer service a top priority!


    OPI: What are your goals and dreams for Nailbox?

    Nailbox LA: To expand the brand to more locations and collaborate with artists all around the world.

    OPI: Shameless plug... Favorite OPI product?

    ​Aside from all the lacquers and gel colors - OPI Avojuice Lotion, our clients and we love it! ​

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