Salon Spotlight: Olive & June

OPI Salon Spotlight: Olive & June
  • OPI Salon Spotlight: Olive & June

    At OPI, we’re constantly astounded by the stunning quality of nail art that fans and artists alike create using our products. It’s always incredible to release a new collection out into the wild and see what content is dreamt up by salons around the globe.

    One of our favorite nail salons to follow on Instagram is the oh so cute Olive and June. This feed is a constant source of inspiration for us, and we love the fun and playful designs that O & J create with some of our signature colors. To learn a bit more about where their iconic style and design comes from, we were lucky enough to catch up with the founder of Olive and June, Sarah Gibson Tuttle. Read below to see our wonderful discussion about nails, the history of O & J, and some exclusive tips on nail trends.


    1. Salon Spotlight: Olive & June - The Drop Blog by OPI

      OPI: Are you also a nail pro/artist or just a nail enthusiast?

      Sarah Gibson Tuttle: I'm a mani obsessive!


      OPI: How did you come up with the concept for Olive & June salons?

      Sarah: I truly wanted to create an experience that was downright lovely. From tons of polish options to a clean yet stylish environment to offering amazingly delicious Olive & June Beauty Tea - this experience should be the best way to get your nails done.


      OPI: What would you say is unique about Olive & June compared to other nail salons?

      Sarah: We care so much about every detail.

    2. OPI salon spotlight on Olive & June

      OPI: What sort of nail trends are you seeing clients asking for?

      Sarah: Clients are getting excited for spring with muted blue and green shades.


      OPI: What are client’s favorites: Nail Lacquer, long-wear lacquer or GelColor?

      Sarah: Long wear and gel, because clients really want their manis to last as long as possible.


      OPI: Do these preferences change depending on the season?

      Sarah: Gel really dominates vacation season, especially because water and regular polish are not best friends.


      OPI: Favorite OPI color right now?

      Sarah: Lisbon Wants Moor OPI is so divine.

    3. Salon Spotlight: Olive & June - The Drop Blog by OPI

      OPI: Any other favorite OPI products you use?

      Sarah: Infinite Shine Topcoat.


      OPI: Your Instagram is full of beautiful inspiring nail images. When did you decide is was a powerful tool for your salon? Is it part of the reason  O&J is so well recognized?

      Sarah: Instagram has always been such a major part of how clients discover us, which we LOVE. Less than 10% of our followers are in LA, where our three salons are. It's incredible for us to see our impact all over the world.


      OPI: Tips for posting the perfect Instagram nailfie images? Or tips for pros?

      Sarah: Lighting is everything. And no retouching! Unique is good.


      OPI: Do you feel that the DIY tutorials encourage clients to take matters into their own hands as opposed to seeing their nail artist?

      Sarah: DIYs are educational but also inspiring! Even though we wish everyone could take the time to have a weekly manicure, but there are so many reasons why a weekly salon mani isn't practical! We want to empower women - in LA and beyond! - to be able to do their own nails.

    4. You can see why we were so excited to talk with Sarah, and for even more excitement, stay tuned to our Instagram, as well as Olive and June’s! We’re partnering up with Sarah and the rest of the team at Olive and June to collaborate on nail art content, so be sure to check our website for the latest and greatest from OPI and Olive and June.


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