Scorpio Season: November Horoscopes

OPI Colorscopes are here
  • OPI Colorscopes are here

    Welcome back to another month of Colorscopes from OPI! We’re here to make sure that not only are the stars aligned in your favor, but also the nail shades as well. We’re dedicated to empowering you through color, this guide below can give you the right shade for the right mood. Read below for in-depth horoscope coverage of this month highlighting the sign of Scorpio!

    Scorpio Season - Going to the deep end for energetic release and rebirth

    Longer nights and shorter days (in the northern hemisphere) depict a landscape that is barren and cold externally, signifying the long journey inward of conserving and sharing resources. The Constellation Scorpio is known in Greek Mythology as the Giant Scorpion who gained his honorable place in the heavens for having killed the Hunter Orion, who wanted to kill the animals of Earth. Earth, in her defense, sent the Scorpion to defeat him.

    During Scorpio season, we gain a deeper respect for life, as everything around us is dying only to be reborn again in the coming months. Scorpio Season is when we feel the vital current of life run through our veins. It’s a time when we are called to let go of deep-seated fears that are depleting our life force energy. Now is when we thrive in intensity, seek empowerment through our actions, and when we address our emotional and spiritual depths. Mercury will be retrograde October 31–November 20, in Scorpio–this means that our thoughts are deep, transformative, and powerful this month; pay attention to where your thoughts are transforming.

    1. OPI Colorscopes


      Your greatest asset is being a muse to others for greater spiritual development. You’re leading by example this month and with Mercury in Retrograde + the New Moon in your sign, you’ll need to be mindful. The people, situations, and circumstances that you draw to you are a reflection of where you are spiritually.

      About your sign:

      The second water sign in the zodiac, indicating the merging of body and soul when we dive deep into the human experience of desire, lust, and empowerment, all through the emotional lens.

      SHOP THE SHADE: CIA=Color is Awesome

      This is your match shade. This color births sensuality, makes you more contemplative, matches your deep reserves of passion.

    2. OPI Nessie Plays Hide & Sea-k


      You are sensitive to the undercurrents of life, that which is felt; this means that you may at times feel things intuitively and not necessarily be able to logically make sense of why. You need some solo time this season to reconnect with the underlying cause of circumstance. This season you’re meeting daily life with a spiritual understanding to rise above.


      This shade is your match shade, It’s alluring, reflective, and aligns you with your heart center.

    3. OPI Colorscopes


      Relating to others–how you form relationships, relate to group dynamics, and contribute to social progress-are Mercury Retrograde themes for you this month. Neglecting your creativity will have an adverse effect now. The key is learning to relate to yourself more so that you can deepen your relationships with others.

      Shop the shade: OPI Grabs the Unicorn by the Horn

      This shade is your balance shade, it’s creative, vulnerable, and calming.

    4. OPI Colorscopes


      Acknowledge your impact on others. It’s OK to be aloof sometimes, but when it comes to your magnetic persona, there is a reason that others are drawn to you… playing dumb won’t help anyone. You impact most everyone around you–owning that with integrity while striving to empower others is you this Mercury Retrograde.

      Shop the Shade: No Stopping Me Now

      This is your balance shade. It’s energizing hue makes you feel inclusive and more generous towards others.

    5. OPI Colorscopes


      Forethought and consideration for how you share your spiritual knowledge becomes a theme this Mercury Retrograde. Perhaps, the very meaning of life sparks your desire to dig deeper into a research extravaganza. You may have innate spiritual awareness, but if you’re not using it to uplift and inspire others then what use is it?

      Shop the shade: O Suzi Mio

      Your shade is your balance. It gifts you deeper integrity, wisdom, wish a dash of nobility. 

    6. OPI Colorscopes


      You’re learning to strengthen your observation skills this Mercury Retrograde, especially when it comes to how you structure your goals, the effects you have on others, and how you get involved in relationships. Aside from being more observant towards pretty much everything, you’ll notice that you’re spiritual side is strongly drawing you closer.

      Shop the shade: Things I've Seen in Aber-green

      This is your balance shade it’s neutral, observant, and gifts your patience. 

    7. OPI Colorscopes


      Security means finding it within yourself, emotionally speaking rather than looking to the material surrounds. Losing yourself in someone else is fulfilling, but only until you realize that there is no separation of where they begin and you end. The Full Moon in your sign on November 12th helps you realize that the beauty of a relationship means allowing the other person to meet you, rather than consume you.

      Shop the shade: My Private Jet

      This shade is your match. You need grounding, a hue that evokes patience, and quality.

    8. OPI Colorscopes


      Maintaining control over the details of your life becomes a source of obsession. Reconsider how you prioritize and control the day-to-day; chances are, you can reallocate some of your energy in healthier ways. Your planet goes Retrograde in Scorpio–helping you to utilize, and/or strengthen more of your psychic gifts to help heal others.

      Shop the shade: Humidi- Tea

      This shade is your match shade, it’s clean, screams intentional, and is healing.

    9. OPI Colorscopes


      There is an all or nothing attitude when it comes to pleasure, you’re consumed by the thrill of deep connectedness. This Mercury Retrograde brings passion back into your life, but it’s up to you how you want to share that with others. The New Moon on October 27th means you should consider turning your hobby into something more.

      Shop the shade: Lima tell you about this color

      This shade is your match. Its pink hue teleports you to romantic, uplifting, and tender.

    10. OPI Colorscopes


      For an outgoing sign, your private life is your most protected, vulnerable part of you. You protect your family, where you’ve come from, to the depths and back. Mercury Retrograde is reconnecting you with your roots so that you can heal, embrace, and resurrect into the powerhouse that you are.


      This is your balance shade. serenity, wholeness, emotional balance

    11. OPI Colorscopes


      Probed by your unconscious, you are constantly in search of a deeper meaning. You learn about yourself through the stories of others, as people sense your trusting, secretive nature, they’ll tell you just about anything. Your planet Mercury while retrograde in Scorpio, is provoking you to consider each option–notice where conversations are igniting your emotional response to desire.


      This shade is your match. It ignites pure and intentional motives.

    12. OPI Colorscopes


      This season is reminding just how powerful your intuition is. Mercury Retrograde illuminates security: how, when, and what makes you feel secure. Remember that your relationship to others can never assure your emotional security, but through an honest expression of your motives, you’ll discover a whole new superpower! The New Moon on October 27th births new opportunities to create more financial flow.


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