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    Happy solar return Virgos. This year your birth month starts on the same day we have a full Moon in Aquarius. You are stepping into your new year with high hopes as you fully surrender and let go of what does not serve you. This is a powerful time of full transformation of your mental state. Right now don’t hold back and hide, let your light really shine and you will be rewarded. The new Moon in Virgo on September 6th will be at the 14° highlighting an emphasis on stability and structure. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting your relationships, with an emphasis on love.
    1. OPI ❤️ DTLA

      Everything that you want to manifest first starts with your mind and the root of how you feel about yourself. There are new beginnings when you have a new awareness about who you are and who you are becoming. Mars moves into Libra September 14th making you more social, flirty and fun. You’ll need to make space for flexibility as your schedule might be harder to follow right now. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting your relationships with an emphasis on love. Some of you are manifesting a true love and this will take shape in a physical form.

      Color : Your color of the month is OPI ❤️DTLA by OPI. This soft gray is relaxing and peaceful just like your energy. The neutral color calms the spirit and inspires mental stillness.
      Love : Love takes a new intimate approach when Venus moves into Scorpio on September 10th. Here you are able to make more meaningful connections that are still fun and playful. Laugh and flirt a lot.
      Career : You might have more opportunities than you’re ready for. It’s ok to say no to some things right now. There are different opportunities not focused on career but more related to personal interest.
      Finances : Your financial situation is stable and blossoming. Enjoy what you’ve saved and don’t be stingy. If you decide to give, do it without judgment.
      Health : Your digestive system is directly connected to your nervous system. Focus on releasing anxiety by enjoying what you have right now.


    2. Graffiti Sweetie

      On September 14th Mars enters Libra giving you a push to get more things done especially in a group or team dynamic. Sometimes you might need an accountability partner to help you see things through. What you don’t need is to over-explain yourself for validation of your actions and wants. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting where you need to turn chaos into order. This is going to be difficult but you’ll see how a lack of structure can make you feel unstable.

      Color : Your color of the month is Graffiti Sweetie by OPI. This soft pink is sweet and kind like you need to be to yourself right now. Pink is the color of healing and you are healing while learning how to relax.
      Love : Your love life is prosperous and you have many options. You’re not taking anything too seriously regarding relationships until Venus moves into Scorpio on September 10th. After this you can find yourself developing more intimate relationships that go beyond the surface level.
      Career : You’re feeling a lot of pressure regarding your career and work. You might be growing old with the things you’ve been doing for a while and are desiring to venture into something new. Right now research is best before you make any moves towards big transitions or changes regarding your career.
      Finances : You are very practical with your money and resources. Right now would be a great time to schedule financial goals for yourself. Talk to someone about the best ways to organize your money or do it yourself.
      Health : Your health can feel a bit unstable during this time as you try to balance your wants and needs. You might want to over indulge in food while at the same time want to be healthy. It’s ok to want both, as long as you find a balance. Focus on healing your throat chakra.


    3. Abstract After Dark

      Now is a great time to devise a realistic plan that you can make actual steps towards. On September 14th Mars moves into Libra and your momentum slows all the way down. It’s important to know that although things are slowing down you can still have the discipline to push past the resistance. This is a game of the mind which you usually play quite well. Focus and prosper. On September 20th we have a full Moon in Pisces at the 28° highlighting where you need to have fun and take breaks. Do you need something that brings you joy at home or with people you love, there will be clarity in the spirit of joy.

      Color : Your color of the month is Abstract After Dark by OPI. This beautiful midnight blue reminds you of your true power. You truly come alive in the darkest times and you find light within yourself.
      Love: Your love life is fun and not so serious until September 10th when Venus moves into Scorpio. Once Venus moves here you will take your relationships a lot more seriously. Be careful not to put your own values on others.
      Career: You want to expand but there are still some things you need to learn. Before you can move to the next level you need to master what it is you’ve already been working on. Use this time to correct anything that needs to be fixed from the past.
      Finances : Your financial situation is prosperous and you are getting everything that you deserve. Remember that beauty attracts more beauty. Know that you are creating beauty from your mind and your environment will follow.
      Health : You’re a bit more anxious and nervous than usual. Make sure you take time out of your day to meditate. Stillness is the answer for nervous anxiety, and don't forget to breathe.


    4. Seven Wonders of OPI

      Unpredictable circumstances can lead to opportunities so don't sweat the small stuff and expect the best no matter what is happening. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th at the 28° will highlight your home and family. This Moon can be extremely emotional for you as you heal from inner childhood wounds that are keeping you from some of your long term goals. What is revealed is what has been kept in the back of your subconscious. You’ve allowed your subconscious to attack your goals for too long. Working through this will have you feeling free, rejuvenated and reinspired.

      Color: Your color of the month is Seven Wonders of OPI by OPI. This beautiful nude pink is elegant yet gives off the energy of a business mindset. Take yourself seriously and wear this color for confidence and balance.
      Love : You’re feeling flirty and free and are not in a position to put too much emphasis on a partner. This does not mean you don’t care, your values are just different. When Venus moves in Scorpio you’ll be feeling more possessive but this is only a distraction. Focus and prosper.
      Career : You are finally seeing the grey areas in your life where you have the creative insight but have lacked the discipline to prosper. The more realistic you are, the better this energy can feed your momentum.
      Finances : Financial blessings and prosperity coming to you. You are feeling confident and in a good position to save.
      Health : Your immune system is more sensitive than usual. A good optimistic attitude might not be enough right now. Eat pineapple, papaya or oranges for whole food vitamin C.


    5. Mariachi Makes My Day

      Take some time during this new Moon to plan for the good things, plan for everything to go right, and plan to relax. There is joy when you can enjoy the journey as well as the destination. When you commit to faith in yourself, you commit to consciously creating your environment and being in full control of your destiny. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th at the 28° will spark new creativity in your environment. You’ll be feeling more creative which can boost your confidence and relax your mind. Do something fun with your hands like paint or play an instrument.

      Color : Your color of the month is Mariachi Makes My Day by OPI. This deep hue of purple represents royalty, just like you. You are royal and you’ve been dedicated for quite some time. This color reminds you to remember who you are.
      Love : Your love life is stable and significant. A lot of you have manifested the perfect partner that is your balance. They may not be perfect but they balance your energy perfectly. Focus on creating more intimacy.
      Career : Your opportunities are abundant and you might need to say no to some things. Very similar to last month, only take on what is necessary and what is true to your being. If you have been looking for work you can make more detailed plans for better outcomes. Go back to the drawing board.
      Finances : Your financial situation is abundant if you are used to saving. If you struggle then there can be an abundance of bills. Tend to what needs the most attention first. You are able to create more discipline this month with your resources.
      Health : Your health shines with discipline and schedule. A morning routine in the sunlight can help you with productivity and stress for the remainder of the day.


    6. Galleria Vittorio Violet

      You bring more momentum of luck and prosperity when you flow and create. The new Moon in Virgo On September 6th at the 14° will highlight something within that needs to be changed and transformed. Whatever actions or habits that keep you functioning with hesitation need to be addressed. Something internal needs to change before your environment changes. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th at the 28° will expand the self love that you have for yourself. You can grow in compassion which will benefit you in your manifestations.

      Color : Your color of the month is Galleria Vittorio Violet by OPI. This Amethyst purple matches your energy and frequency of cresting from your higher self, your crown chakra.
      Love : This is a playful time for you to enjoy existing in whatever situation you’re in at the moment. Whether you are in a relationship or single, the energy is positive and uplifting.
      Career : You are going through a lot of career changes and fluctuations. This can be very positive if you learn how to go with the flow. Basically, you might make a plan and it plays out differently instead, that's ok; flow.
      Finances : Your financial situation is dependent upon your thoughts. A lot of you are feeling insecure about your resources and your environment reflects your thoughts. Pay attention to the thoughts that come up when you are spending or thinking about money.
      Health : A perfect time to set a new health routine that you can really commit to. Focus on healing the metabolism and digestive system. Bone or veggie broth can be healing for metabolism health.


    7. I'm Really An Actress

      After the new Moon, pay close attention to how your energy merges with others. You are like a sponge and your tribe will really shift your energy and perspective. You don't have to stay away from people but be conscious about how you feel when you share space with others. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th at the 28° will bring a strong connection with a partner into something more solid and grounded. You can allow your emotions to show, your vulnerability can strengthen your relationships.

      Color : Your color of the month is I’m really an actress by OPI. This beautiful vibrant red catches your attention and stimulates your senses. You are awakening to your biggest dreams, Pisces. Wear this color to invoke more passion and awakenings.
      Love : Your love life this month is a focus on the unconditional love you must give yourself. This is about learning how to forgive yourself for your past situations. Forgiveness of self is the key to manifestation.
      Career : Be creative and use your social skills for a career or job boost. Especially after Mercury moves into Libra, socializing with the right people and asking the right questions instills more growth for you.
      Finances : Your financial situation is healthy, just like you. There are a couple of hurdles like slight overspending but these are fixable. Spend your money on investments.
      Health : Group exercise and activity is best to keep up with a routine. Avoid over eating too much of anything and find a healthy balance. Drink purified water.


    8. Rated Pea-G

      On September 14th Mars moves into Libra with a trine to Saturn making it easy to stick to your commitments. This energy won't last for long and you can get unmotivated without the help of a partner. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th at the 28° can bring a spiritual awakening or insight. There is some healing taking place from a subconscious level. Prepare for a heart chakra opening.

      Color : Your color of the month is Rated Pea-G by OPI. This emerald green radiates balance and the opening of the heart chakra. Wear this color along with a malachite crystal.
      Love : Your love life continues to grow and prosper while your relationships become more intimate. You might need some space to do things alone but it doesn’t mean there is something wrong or less love. The best part about love is you can always be your authentic self.
      Career : You have a strong connection to the public which can benefit you with your job or career. Listen closely to what people are saying, your social skills are an asset.
      Finances : Your financial situation is unstable and fluctuating. Fluctuating does not necessarily equate to bad, it just means it's constantly changing. Save for the rainy days.
      Health : Take care of your reproductive system. Lots of fruits and water are encouraged!


    9. Angel's Flight To Starry Nights

      You might need to spend some time alone to think clearly. Obstacles in relationships don’t mean something is necessarily wrong, we grow and strengthen when we face challenges together. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting how you feel in the world. You are feeling connected to everyone and everything and it has you thinking from your higher self. What is your role in the world? How do you feel about your art or expression that it has on the collective?

      Color : Your color of the month is Angels Flight to Starry Nights by OPI. This mystical blue is peaceful and mystical. It reminds you of your magic in a subtle way.
      Love : You might need some space in your love life during this time to focus on yourself. It might be hard to keep your autonomy in your partnerships during this time. Exercising healthy boundaries builds healthy relationships for the future.
      Career : Your career is booming like never before, you are definitely in the spotlight. What you will do is completely up to you but whatever you do, have a plan. Well thought out plans will serve you and help keep your momentum.
      Finances : Your financial situation is a bit volatile as you spend money more impulsively than you’re used to. You might be spending to cope with certain emotions.
      Health : Do you have new dietary restrictions from not maintaining your health?. You might have to try a different health routine to see what works best. Keep your diet simple and nutritious.


    10. Destined to be a Legend

      You are charming and delightful and people love to be around you. You’re starting to feel more like yourself especially if you did the inner childhood healing. The new Moon in Virgo on September 6th will be at the 14° highlighting something that needs to be fixed in the home. This can be both internal or external; pay attention to what needs upgrading for new beginnings. The full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting your love for your career or job. You have big ideas and huge dreams, share them with someone. There might be something within the family or home dynamic that could also be holding you back. The full Moon will give you clarity to what you need to let go of to create infinite love through your creations.

      Color : Your color of the month is Destined to be a Legend by OPI. This slate blue is for the adventurous. Dealing with your subconscious is a new adventure for most of you. Take on any new adventure with enthusiasm and you will succeed.
      Love : Virgo season favors communication with a loved one while Venus is in Mercury. Openly express yourself and share your wants, desires, and needs with your partner. You will be heard well during this time.
      Career : You’re busier than ever before. You’re making all of the moves you said you would make. So it might be hard to find stillness but the stillness cannot be avoided. The stillness is what you need to level up. Trust the time in solitude that you have.
      Finances : Your financial situation is going through a change with how you earn and make money. You might need to try something new or offer a new perspective. Allow room for change, flexibility, and adaptivity.
      Health : Your teeth and your back can be sensitive during this time. Check-in with your chiropractor and dentist.


    11. Alpaca My Bags

      You are not alone although sometimes you might feel like you are. This is an internal issue that needs to be worked with. Learning how to be more conscious of your thoughts about yourself will start to change your environment. Mental activities can help with an anxious spirit like crossword puzzles. A full Moon in Pisces on September 20th will be at the 28° highlighting your belief system. This can be a moment of clarity where you can truly see yourself as love. You’re limiting or tough beliefs is what keeps you feeling like you’re never doing enough. You are enough.

      Color : Your color of the month is Alpaca my Bags by OPI. This green-blue color is about emotional balance. You were learning how to find a balance within your emotional state and your environment.
      Love : Self-love is pray. The only love you need to focus on right now is the love that you have for yourself. This starts with forgiveness. The full Moon in Pisces will make it easier for you to forgive yourself.
      Career : You can work especially well when you work in a team or a group effort. If you work alone it’s best to have an accountability partner right now. You might be feeling lazier than usual so working with someone can hold you accountable.
      Finances : Start thinking about multiple sources of income if you have it already. It’s time to start trusting your own creativity as a source of income. If there’s anything you need to know this is a perfect time to learn something new.
      Health : Exercise is key to health. Your circulation might be feeling a bit low or stuck. Go out and take walks in your neighborhood at least three times a week.


    12. Fall-ing for Milan

      Work may come a little bit more easily than spending some time in solitude, but you must take breaks. Rest is also productivity. The full Moon in Pisces on September 28th at the 28° will highlight an intimate relationship. Learn to let down your guard so you can be loved authentically. If you were unaware of how much you were loved you will be fully aware during this transit. You can trust and manifest a positive outcome for yourself when you let down your guard.

      Color : Your color of the month is Fall-ing for Milan by OPI. This beautiful bronze color shines just as bright as you. It will remind you that you are the Sun and when you shine so do others.
      Love : Do you have an abundance of love if you look around you. This Virgo season it is best to practice conscious gratitude. If you start to feel alone, search for love.
      Career : You need to take a firm Sati Jake grip on your career or job. It’s important that you devise a plan that you can follow confidently. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
      Finances : Your financial situation fluctuates very often this month. This is not a good time for extraneous spending. Save as much as you can.
      Health : Your immune system might be weaker than usual. Take papaya, pineapple, and oranges for whole food vitamin C.


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