Spring Nail Art Trends To Try

Spring Nail Art Trends to Try
  • Spring Nail Art Trends to Try
    Spring is finally around the corner and with brighter days comes new nail art. Even better we’ve scrolled through Instagram to save you time finding the nail art trends and shades to try. From rainbow nails to star nail art, let’s bring on spring.
    1. @nailexperiments

      Diamonds are a girl's best friend, so why not add a touch of bling to your nails. Channel @nailexperiments with this snow-white look with stick-on gems to bring the sparkle all spring.


    2. @sugarcoatmidtown

      After a long cold winter spent indoors, why not wear the rainbow on your nails. Upgrade your nail art with a touch of bright color, try almond tips like @sugarcoatmidtown for extra style points.


    3.  @elliekingbeauty

      Go starry-eyed with one of our favorite nail art trends, star nails. The placement is up to you; go for a random sprinkling of stars across a few fingers, one on each nail, or go full glitter galaxy like @elliekingbeauty.


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