Stay at Home Guide #11: The Perfect Nail Care Routine

The Perfect Nail Care Routine with OPI
  • The Perfect Nail Care Routine with OPI
  • Being quarantined, we are constantly using hand soaps, sanitizers, and household cleaners. As thankful as we are for these products, they remove natural oils and leave our hands and cuticles feeling rough and dry.

    No need to despair - with the right nail care routine, you can keep your hands looking nailfie ready while still keeping them squeaky clean. Here at OPI we’ve teamed up with @AmyyTran to give you the step by steps to keeping your hands healthy and hydrated.


    1. Protect your Nails and Cuticles


      1. Start by using an OPI Lint Free Nail Wipe saturated with lacquer remover to remove any older polish, oil or debris.

      2. Apply OPI ProSpa Cuticle Cream to hydrate the cuticles.

      3. Using a cuticle stick, gently push the cuticles back, then wash your hands.

      4. Time to shape the nails using a nail file. Not sure what shape to go with? Find out what shape is best for you


    2. Protect Nails with OPI Nail Envy


      5.Using a buffer, lightly buff the nail bed.

      6.To clean nails of oil and debris, use lint free nail wipes.

      7.Apply OPI Nail Envy for a base coat that will both protect and nourish your nails. Or if you want, use an OPI Nail Envy Shade
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      8. Massage OPI Cuticle Oil on the cuticles and skin surrounding the nail bed.

      9. Complete the routine by applying ProSpa Moisture Whip Massage Cream to hydrate and moisturize your hands.

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