Stay at Home Guide #8: Stay Connected with Clients with DIY Pedicure Kits: An Interview with Julie Le

DIY Pedicure Kits from OPI Pro Julie Le @nailartslanger
  • DIY Pedicure Kits from OPI Pro Julie Le @nailartslanger

    We know that finding ways to stay occupied right now is challenging, which is why we’re continuing to spotlight how creative our community has been. We recently chatted with OPI Educator Julie Le on how she’s staying in touch with clients and making some extra income, and today she’s back to talk about more ways you can stay busy, starting with DIY pedicure kits. If you didn’t catch our previous blog on Julie’s tips for creating DIY manicure kits, be sure to check it out here:


    OPI: Hi Julie! Thanks so much for checking in with us again! We really enjoyed some of your advice and tips you shared with pros about creating DIY manicure kits. Can you share what inspired you to create pedicure kits for clients?

    JL: With this shelter in place order and the shut down of non-essential businesses, I quickly tried to come up with ways I could still make money while I wasn’t working with clients. I am the head of the household in my family and I am the owner of a full-service salon that I am responsible for as well, so it was a fight or flight situation!

    OPI: We can understand the need to think quickly! What types of items went into your pedicure kits?

    JL: For the DIY pedi kits, I included a 1x use file, 240/280 buffer, ProSpa Exfoliating scrub, and the Moisture Whip Massage Cream. I gave clients the option to upgrade to the ProSpa Foot File as well. To contain liquids and creams, purchase a small disposable condiment container, like the ones they use at restaurants. I used 1 oz & 2 oz containers for my kits.

    OPI: That’s such a resourceful idea! How did you stay in contact with clients at the time to let them know you were offering these new kits?

    JL: To let my clients know about the kits, I posted on both my personal and business pages on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I also let my followers know that they could purchase these kits even if they were not personal clients of mine. 

    OPI: Do you have any tips for shipping and deliveries of the kits?

    JL: If you can’t ship the kits out, and you’d like to offer deliveries, I would recommend mapping out your route first. Give your customer an estimated window for when their delivery will be completed, deliver and leave the package at the doorstep, and text/message to notify them once you have dropped it off. Use an app like Venmo or PayPal to receive the payment to keep things simple!

    OPI: We’re sure the kit creation was definitely a useful idea to clients. Are you working on creating any additional content or offerings to be shared around “DIY” for clients right now?

    JL: I'm currently in the works of creating DIY mani and pedi tutorials. So that my clients and followers could follow along at home and have visuals to the step-by-steps. 

    OPI: We can’t wait to see them! Do you have any additional advice for nail techs and salons looking to supplement income by offering kits like this?

    JL: I strongly suggest staying organized as much as possible. I’ve sold about 40 kits now, and writing everything down really helped me with packing orders, delivering, and keeping track of my inventory levels.

    OPI: Thanks so much for your time Julie! We’re so happy we were able to connect with you to share your experience!


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