Stay at Home Guide: Fun Crafts You Can Do with Your OPI Nail Polish Collection

OPI's Stay at Home Guide 9
  • OPI's Stay at Home Guide 9
    Christmas time is here, and some of us are still working from home while managing a household with kids. We hear ya, one of those is a challenge in and of itself. Since we know Color is Everything, we've created some DIY arts and crafts you can do using your OPI nail polish collection all from the comfort of your kitchen table. Start looking for some things around the house you can get paint all over - no base or top coat needed. We recommend busting out some mugs, ceramics and beauty tools like hair clips. Whether you need to entertain your kids or you're looking for a break while WFH, this is perfect for the whole family.
    1. DIY Crafts with OPI Nail Polish for Hair Clips

      Everyone remembers these from when they were little, right? Well, the hair snap clips are back in style and we’re using our favorite shades to brighten them up. Here we’ve used Happy Anniversary!, Shorts Story, You’re Such a Budapest, and Purple With A Purpose.

      Tip: It’s a lot easier to paint when you’ve unsnapped the clips. Two coats might be needed as well depending on what shade you choose.

      Shop Happy Anniversary!

      Shop Shorts Story

      You’re Such a Budapest

      Shop Purple With A Purpose

    2. DIY Crafts with OPI Nail Polish for Ceramic Pottery

      Have any ceramic vases or bowls that could use a dose of color? Nail polish is an easy way to paint a design right on the surface, like a dotted pattern or flowers. Here, we used shades from our Mexico City Collection, so to recreate this, try Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal, ¡Viva OPI!, Coral-ing my Spirit Animal, Don’t Tell A Sol, and Mexico City Movement.Tip: Rotate the pot as it dries so the nail polish doesn’t pool or drip.


      Shop Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal


      Shop ¡Viva OPI!


      Shop Coral-ing my Spirit Animal


      Shop Mexico City Movement


    3. DIY Crafts with OPI Nail Polish for Compact Mirror

      Everyone has one, or if you’re like us, you’ve got a few in every purse. We personalized ours with  ¡Viva OPI!, Let’s Be Friends and Black Onyx, but you could also paint an inspirational message on yours to remind you to smile back when you see your reflection.  

      Shop ¡Viva OPI!


      Shop Let’s Be Friends


      Shop Black Onyx


    4. DIY Crafts with OPI Nail Polish for Hair Clips

      Like the snap clips, these are all the rage again. Big or small, these are fun to decorate with bright colors, so we used The Sun Never Sets, Shorts Story, Suzi’s Slinging Mezcal, and Don’t Tell A Sol.


      Shop The Sun Never Sets


      Shop Shorts Story


      Shop Tell A Sol


    5. Paint your Keys with OPI Nail Polish

      Want an easy and fun way to tell your mail key from your house key? Grab your favorite shades and make those keys as colorful as you are! We used Don’t Toot My Flute, Hello Pretty, and Many Celebrations to Go.



      SHOP Many Celebrations to Go

    6. Paint your Mug with OPI Nail Polish
      It’s a lot easier than it looks to achieve this small work of art at home - try this with a mug or an ornament. Start by pouring hot water into a bowl and add a few drops of your favorite nail color – you can even add more than one color to create a unique effect. Stir the mixture until it looks like a swirl of color, making sure to not let the water and nail polish mix completely. Next, dip your cup in the water covering as much of the cup as you desire, then let it dry for one hour. And there you have it, your own custom OPI coffee cup!
    7. Happy holidays and happy crafting!

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