Stay at Home Tuesday Tips: Crystals and Glitters

Stay at Home Tuesday Tips: Crystals and Glitters
  • Stay at Home Tuesday Tips: Crystals and Glitters
    It's a new year, so it’s time to learn some new nail art tips and tricks. For this week's Tuesday Tips we're sharing our expert tips on how to apply crystals and how to remove glitters. Get ready to bling it on!
    1. How to properly apply crystals

      You will need:
      Natural Nail Base Coat
      Top Coat
      Samoan Sand
      Nail Crystals
      Wax Picker
      Nail Glue
      Thin Brush

      Apply base coat, then two coats of Samoan Sand, then top coat. Apply a small dot of nail glue to the nail. Pick up the crystal with wax picker, and apply the crystal over the glue on the nail, pressing down lightly to secure the crystal. Or, instead of a wax picker, use a moistened toothpick to pick up and apply the crystal. Add a thin layer of top coat around the crystals for a stronger hold.


    2. How to properly remove glitters

      When it’s time to remove your glitter mani, @nailgazms shows you the best way how. You will need:
      Expert Touch Removal Pads
      Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
      Nail & Cuticle Oil-to-Go
      Heating Pad

      Pro Tip: You can make your own wraps with kitchen & foil. First, soak the pad with the expert touch lacquer remover, and wrap tightly around your nail. Repeat on all fingers. Turn the heat pad to warm to add a bit of heat, and fold it over your hand. Uncover after one minute and remove wrap. Apply cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy!

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