The Best Nail Polishes for Fall Brides

The Best Nail Polishes for Fall Brides
  • The Best Nail Polishes for Fall Brides

    Getting married this fall? We’re here to solve any nail polish dilemmas before your big day. Move over spring pastels and save the hot pink for showing off your post-honeymoon tan, these fall ready shades will take you all the way from bachelorette to post-wedded bliss.

    1. We the Female

      No matter the number of veils or...suggestive straws that are part of your party, you’ll feel chic if We the Female is your nail polish of choice. Vampy, classic, and made for fall - it also matches perfectly with any type of bachelorette cocktail. Sangria anyone?

      Shop the shade: We the Female


    2. Tiramisu for Two

      During your Bridal Shower, everyone will be watching your hands as you open gift after gift. Celebrate these gifts with the sweet cream of Tiramisu for Two. Less spring pastel and more fall neutral, this classic shade matches well with autumn-ready colors from camel to taupe.

      Shop the shade: Tiramisu for Two


    3. Machu Peach-u

      A darker take on the traditional bridal pink for fall brides, walk down the aisle as the leaves are falling wearing Machu Peach-u on your tips. The peach tones flatter any skin tone and draw the flattering focus to your all-important white dress.

      Shop the shade: Machu Peach-u


    4. In Pursuit of Purple

      A bride isn’t complete without her #bridetribe. So make sure they look on point with nails that are so adorable they’re In Pursuit of Purple. Jokes aside, this lilac nail color matches perfectly with classic fall bridesmaid colors, from navy to green.

      Shop the shade: In Pursuit of Purple


    5. Taupe-less Beach

      The madness is over, it’s time to chill out poolside with Taupe-less Beach on your fingers and toes. We’re a fan of optional bathing any day of the week, and this muted lavender is made for chilling out with your new spouse. If you and your beau are going on a long journey, we recommend OPI GelColor for 3 weeks of wear and shine, meaning no chips, cracks or dulling.

      Shop the shade: Taupe-less Beach

    6. The Best Nail Polishes for Fall Brides

      Get ready to nail your wedding day look with these perfect shades. Shop our full bridal nail polish edit here, and don’t forget to snap a selfie of you wearing your wedding best and tag us on social media with #OPIObsessed!

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