The Chrome Trend, Now Available At A Salon Near You

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    From catwalks to red carpets, the mania over metallic trends is more than just for manicures. Metallic tones are having a hay day across trends in fashion and home décor. High gloss has even made its way to almost every beauty category, from effervescent highlighters and shiny eye shadows to the return of glitter lip gloss.

  2. OPI, Blog, All About the Nails, Chrome Effects

    So, move over matte… Chrome manis are taking the shine! Everyone’s crazy about chrome, the phosphorescent nail finish seen sparkling on the hands of celebrities and other beauty influencers. But for those of us who are not Beyoncé or a Hadid, those truly holographic hands have been hard to come by, until now

  3. OPI, Blog, All About the Nails, Chrome Effects

    Do mirror nail polishes really work?  Welcome OPI Chrome Powders, our unbelievably iridescent line of metallic chrome finishes available at your favorite salon. Achieving the electric look requires a nail tech, who will set OPI’s finely pigmented powders between layers of lacquer. The pigmented powders reflect spectrums of light, giving off a rainbow-like glow much like light through a prism.

  4. OPI, Blog, All About the Nails, Chrome Effects

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