The Four OPI Systems Every Salon Should Have

OPI Blog: OPI Nail Systems Every Salon Should Have
  • OPI Blog: OPI Nail Systems Every Salon Should Have

    Bright and vibrant colors combined with provocative and playful names like "I’m Not Really a Waitress” and “Tiramisu for Two” are what we have built our legacy on. But did you know that our shades are offered in four different color systems - giving you a wide range of solutions in your salon to approach a variety of customers?

    Treat your clients to our exclusive #MakeItIconic collection that has 10 of our most beloved shades, in Nail Lacquer, Infinite Shine, Gel Color, and Powder Perfection. Below is a quick breakdown on the best uses for each system.

    1. OPI Make It Iconic Nail Lacquer


      This system lasts up to 7 days and is ideal for clients that have weekly manicures or just like changing their color every few days. It’s also perfect for when a client wants to try a bold or bright color for a night out because she can easily remove it at home.

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    2. OPI Make It Iconic Collection Infinite Shine


      This long-wear system is ideal for clients that want slightly longer wear than lacquer but are not willing to commit to gel polish. It lasts for up to 11 days and has gel-like shine. The best part is your client can safely remove at home just like a lacquer.

      Pro Tip: It’s sandal season so upgrade your pedicure services with Infinite Shine. Your clients will love how it looks as shiny as gel polish but can be removed like a lacquer. Because it’s a more advanced technology that provides longer wear, you can charge more than a regular polish pedicure.

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    3. OPI Make It Iconic Gel Color


      Professional, LED light cured system that provides up to 3 weeks of shine-intense wear and stay-true color. The best choice for clients that want a high performing, chip-free color with long lasting shine. Soaks off in only 15 minutes without the need to buff the surface layer.

      Pro Tip: If your client is getting married, suggest she try a gel polish manicure & pedicure to ensure she has smudge and chip free nails for her big day that will even last through her honeymoon.

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    4. OPI Make It Iconic Collection Powder Perfection


      Professional dipping system that provides weeks of durable wear and gel-like shine. Ideal for clients that have thin or weak nails that tend to break easily even while wearing gel polish. Your client will experience the durability of acrylics with built-in color over their natural nails.

      Pro tip: If your client is tough on her nails and has not had great results with gel polish, offer her a dipping powder service to provide that extra layer of protection she might need.

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      Now you can stock your salon with our systems, providing even more value to your clients. Tell us which system your clients love by using our #MakeItIconic hashtag and telling us which shade from the collection is your favorite!

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