The Trendiest Nail Art to Hit your Produce Aisle: Fruit

Read the Fruit Nail Art Blog
  • Read the Fruit Nail Art Blog
    If there’s one thing we’re sweet on, it’s fruit – cherries, melons, you name it, we love it all, which is why we’re wearing it on our nails. Fruit nail art is hands down the trendiest manicure. Lemons? Make them a pattern. Bananas? Paint them on an accent nail. However you wear your fruit, it’s guaranteed to turn your hands into a fresh fruit basket that’s farmers market chic. Loving it? Here’s how you can decorate your nails with your favorite fruit.
    1. Sweet Cherries OPI Nail Art


      Wear your these cherries all year round with this sweet look.

      See the look

    2. We love this #watermelonnailart


      Yes, you can rock your watermelon well into fall.


    3. Mix up your #fruitnailart look by adding a different look to each nail


      A little of everything is always nice.

      SEE MORE

    4. Try this minimal #fruitnailart look


      Make it minimal with this cute negative space cherry and watermelon mani.


    5. The perfect #fruitart pair...on your nails


      Pineapple and watermelon make a great duo.


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