The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Nail Professionals from OPI Education Manager Sigourney Nuñez

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Nail Pros
  • The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Nail Pros

    For nail professionals, getting started with using a social media platform to grow your business can seem daunting-- but it truly can be such a wonderful tool when used properly. OPI Education Manager and social influencer Sigourney Nuñez (or as we know her @nailartbysig), has come up with the ultimate social media marketing strategy for small businesses to help nail professionals, educators, and salon owners like you thrive in an ever-changing virtual world. In her guide, she outlines everything from developing the basics like asking questions around your goals and determining your audience type, to tips and tricks to taking the perfect content and suggestions on where and how to play in the digital space. Her guide even contains interactive exercises to help you apply these tips and guidance to your very own real-world business. Click the link below to download the full guide and read on to find out more about mastering social media as a nail pro.



    Developing an Instagram Strategy:

    The first step to success on social media platforms is understanding who your audience is. This is an important step in determining the type of content you’ll create! In curating content to your audience, they will enjoy your content more and in turn, help create even more engagement for other users on the platform. Fill in Sigourney’s exercise sheet on page 5 to better understand the basics of who you are talking to.

    The next step is looking into how you can build your brand, or as Sigourney calls it, “the B-word”. Everything from the tone of voice, to the look and feel of your posts, and even to how often you post are all determinants of your brand presence. As an exercise, complete page 8 for help with developing a personal mission statement. This statement will help be the thread that weaves your social presence authentically into what you do and create on a daily basis.

    How to Create an Instagram Business Account:

    Now you're ready to enter the platform. In creating an account you can choose your social handle and craft a bio (short for biography) to help ensure who you are, what you do, and what your goals are can be easily found by those looking for you online. For an activity in bio, writing consult page 10 for help with a checklist and must-haves for an eye-catching biography. OPI Pro Tip: every word counts! Only 150 characters means a clear and concise bio is the way to go.

    Tips for Social Media Marketing -- Creating the Right Content:

    In looking to create the right content mix it’s important to keep in mind that there are several formats of posts possible with social platforms like Instagram as well as other means of communicating content like reels, and lives. Use Sigourney’s exercise on page 13 to help develop a posting schedule that will allow you to share with users on a consistent basis.

    She also outlines 5 tips for mastering the perfect nail picture, how to add captivating calls to action (CTAs), and how to best utilize hashtags to get your content out there once you’ve created it. Be sure to complete Sigourney's exercise on captions on page 16 to learn how best to craft an engaging caption social users will notice, and complete her exercise on hashtags called “Getting Organized”, on page 18 to determine which branded category, and consumer hashtags to focus on when posting.

    Lastly, it's important to get and stay inspired! Use the exercise on page 19 to clarify which accounts you already follow and love, this can help you determine what and how that content caught your eye which can be used as inspiration for your own account.

    Measuring Your Success:

    When first getting started on social media platforms, it's a great idea to check back in with yourself by ensuring you're measuring your success. Sigourney suggests looking at what’s working, what’s not working, and looking further into analytics. See page 20 for more information on the types of engagement to look for when posting across various channels, and page 21 for an exercise in engagement tracking. She also suggests a great way to gain engagement is by being featured on brand owned accounts like @OPI_Professionals and @WellaEducation to help expand your audience and reach.

    The last exercise in the social media guide can be found on page 24, and it is an outline of an all-encompassing plan for your journey into the social media world, including deciding on your overarching goal and establishing a due date to hold yourself accountable.

    You can also find a listing of all suggested social platforms to love and some of their benefits, including what it is and how to use it. See pages 25-34 for more information on each platform.

    Platforms to Love:

    • Facebook
    • Blueprint
    • Hootsuite
    • Asana
    • Later
    • SKED
    • Social
    • Splice
    • AsEspresspo by Hootsuite
    • Keyhole
    • Sprout Social

    Click the link below to download the full guide.


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