#TutorialTuesday: Infinite Shine Geometrics by Alicia Torello

Nail artist Alicia Torello shares how the created the perfectly cool geometic nail art using shades from our Infinite Shine collection.

1. File nail to desired shape, for me personally I think the nail shape that suites this look is a more oval shape. Add base coat!

2. On the bottom half of the nail take In Pursuit of Purple and a striping brush and paint a diagonal line across the nail and then fill in that bottom section with your color.

3. Next take Eternally Turquiose and your striping brush and paint you diagonal line across the top, go back in and fill in the rest of the top half. If you didn’t nail it on the straight line on the bottom half this is your chance to straighten it out, you can overlap the mint green to perfect it!

4. Now with your striper and Rich Girls & Po-Boys you can make a small dot in the middle of the nail where the two colors meet then at the top right and top left where you want to connect your lines, take your striper and connect your lines to form the triangle shape. You can use your striper or the OPI brush to fill in your color.

5. Take your striper again and Get Ryd-of-Thym Blues and draw small diagonal lines across each corner of the nail, add OPI's Top Coat and you’re done!

Written by Alicia Torello -